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August 12, 2017
7th-8th-9th Football
Collinsville JrHi Football / Cheer
2017 Team Photos
2017 Freshman Football (L-R) -- Front Row: Alex Knight, Nusua Xiong (20), Ryan Anderson (16), Eli Benham (4), Jake Bays (5), Nulong Xiong (15), Cody Root (18), Braden Duncan (80), and Baylor Enyart. -- Middle Row: Justin Richardson (6), Clay Montes (7), Gabriel Lyon (52), Baylor Weathers (22), Coach Jarrod Shearer, Head Coach Tom Redding, Coach Tanner Robb, Tyler Griffin (23), Jamison Holloways (88), Michael Clark (14), and Hunter Davis (3). -- Back Row: Noah McCarson (26), Blake Battles (55), Dustin Leach (62), Nathan Thompson (63), Kaden Jones (74), Kaleb Cunningham (32), Nathan Wilkins (21), Hunter Nelson (67), Luke Stein (8), Caden Buoy (1), Zachary Morris (65), and Tucker Whitekiller (11).
2017 Eighth Grade Football (L-R) -- Front Row: Kelsi Thomas , Eric Mejia (78), Bryson Tabott (15), Landon Bunch (2), Anthony Blau (4), Braden Keith (8), Tristan Cottingim (12), Jaiden Ruff (14), Austin Zobisch (72), Max Knight (5), Will Thetford (27), Joseph Rigby (42), and Daisy Jackson. -- Middle Row: Payton Murphy (63), Oscar Hammond (11), Isaiah Saldivar (73), Beau Oxford (10), Coach Jon Benham, Coach Jarrod Shearer, Coach Damon Herald, Coach Tom Redding, Coach Ben Davis, Coach Sean Tesar, Coach Tanner Robb, Clayton Brewer (57), Andrew Carney (17), Cameron Edwards (28), and Caden Boyd (7).
-- Back Row:
Brandon Thomas (50), Quinton Johnson (31), Braden Gilkey (40), Caleb Davis (6), Payton Stacy (38), Caleb Tehee (9), Tristan Edelman (66), Cannon Howard (70), Caden Fry (30), Connor Troglin (22), Dempsey Gillman (53), Cody Talkington (75), Gabriel Acosta (32), Colton McSperitt (24), Shawn Stopp (83), Zander Baker (88), and Chance Lewis (62).
2017 Seventh Grade Football (L-R) -- Front Row: John Davis (12), Owen Eubanks (84), Dylan Flechs (66), Brian Dick (4), Cole Brooks (11), Bradley Meacham (2), Dominique Whitley (68), Braden Robbins (57), Jake Thomas (9). Bradey Benham (15), Jacob Munoz (68), and Hayden Ware (6). -- MIddle Row: Kelsi Thomas, Kaden Rush (25), Coach Jon Benham, Coach Jarrod Shearer, Coach Damon Herald, Coach Tom Redding, Coach Ben Davis, Coach Sean Tesar, Coach Tanner Robb, Adlei Campbell (5), and Daisy Jackson. -- Back Row: Kobe Bailey (21), Blake Gilkey (32), Blake McMasters (60), Seth Kickapoo (7), Colton Kilgore (22), Landon Appleburg (55), Jacob Martin (62), Kalym Wood (3), Alex Oder (70), Jessie Lawson (13), Jake Thomas (53), and Braden Tillery (64).

2017 Middle School Cheer (L-R) -- Front Row: Zoe Shackelford, Payton Stephens, Haylie Jackson, Madelyn Henry, Alison Davis, Zailey Cole, Madalyn Aunko, and Brianna Smalygo.
-- Back Row: Zoey Southern, Addison Harlin, Addison Laymon, Alissa Jones, Riley Bratcher, Caysi Meyer, Jacelyn Darland, Mackenzie Robertson, and Izzy Brown (mascot).

Izzy Brown is manager for the JrHi Softball team when she is not being "Carson The Cardinal".
Previous Coverage
Collinsville Football Jr. High Update (8-23-17)

The Collinsville Cardinal Jr. High Football Teams scrimmaged Bartlesville last Friday night and turned around and scrimmaged Tulsa Edison Tuesday night at Sallee Field. This was the first action of the 2017 season for the 7th, 8th, and 9th grade teams. The competition in both scrimmages was balanced as the players had an opportunity to compete against each other. The coaches from each program were excited about the way their players executed their assignments. There was a lot of hustle and hard hitting displayed each night. The Collinsville coaches are excited about the upcoming season and are very pleased with the young Cardinals. The Cardinal Coaches now know the strength and weakness of our teams and are ready to focus on what we do well, and where we need improvement. No injuries were reported.
The Cardinals next action will be against arch rival Oologah. The Mustangs had a scrimmage last week against Claremore and did very well. Kick-off for the 7th grade game is 5pm with 8th and 9th grades to follow. The coaches hope the Cardinal Nation will make the trip to Oologah next Thursday August 31st. Please bring great sportsmanship and lots of noise to Mustang Stadium.
Coach’m up
Tom Redding

Tom C. Redding -- 8/17/2017
(FRIDAY) Bartlesville FOOTBALL scrimmage for 8th and 9th grade begins at 5:00 pm at Sallee field. Parents need to pick up their sons at Sallee after the scrimmage. August. 22nd scrimmage with Tulsa Edison begins at 5:30 for the 7th grade followed by 8th and 9th grade. Parents need to pick up their sons at Sallee after the scrimmage.

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