Collinsville, Oklahoma
December 18, 2016
CHS Wrestling
Partial Team Photo /
Royalty Preview/
Enid & KCI Results
CHS Wrestlers (L-R): Skylar Young, Jared Campbell, Cody Frances, Blake Nation, Connor Henson, Xavear Cullors, Caleb Tanner, Jack Hammod, Elijah Tanner, Gunner Hamm, Nate Keim, and Tony Connor. (With several others missing from this photo) -- Photo by Norman Van Sickle
2017 Wrestle Royalty (L-R) -- Seated: Ava-Claire Rigdon, Brittany Griffin, Cadyn Haddock, Shelby Braley, Rhianna Hawkins, Caroline Blevins, Sydney Vogel,and Brooke Eigenheer. Standing: Caleb Tanner, Hayden Knight, Gunner Hamm, Elijah Tanner, Nate Keim, and Tony Connor.
Collinsville was 3rd at the Enid MidAmerican Nationals -- Debbie Haymaker Photo
Sorry -- this is as close as I have to a team photo for the Junior High Wrestlers -- Ted
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Late Saturday Evening 12/17/2016 --

Michelle Lyn Hawkins -- Prayers for our wrestling team as they're trying to get back home! Having bus trouble in the elements is making this momma a nervous wreck.

Jennipher Keim -- Roads are clear now. They said it was a power steering issue.

Michelle Lyn Hawkins -- They coasted into town on a wing and a prayer lol. It was quite an adventure! Last KCI tournament in the books for my baby and the boys did great!

Caleb Tanner just won the Kansas City Stampede Tournament with a fall in 1st period. -- Jim Riley 12/17/2016
Elijah Tanner finished 2nd and Nate Keim placed 3rd at KCI. -- Jim Riley 12/17/2016
The Cardinals advance both Tanners and Keim into the semis and Hammond and Cullors are still wrestling on the backside!! -- Cardinal Wrestling 12/17/2016
Good Luck To The CHS Wrestlers in Kansas City
Hi Ted, Thought I'd send some pics of the Enid tournament. Collinsville took 3rd place in the tournament despite only having 12 wrestlers instead of the 14 needed to fill each weight.
Debbie Haymaker -- Dec. 12, 2016
(Ted Note: It will likely be several days before I can get to the photos 12/13/2016)
(Enid Wrestling) MidAmerica Nationals: 1st- Caleb Tanner, Eli Tanner, 2nd-Nate Keim, 3rd- Ryce Haymaker 4th-Xaveor Cullors, Jack Hammond, 5th-Cody Francis. -- Jim Riley 12/10/2016

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The following CHS wrestlers & mat maids traveled to the Kansas City (KCI) tournament on Friday 12/16/16 (& Sat. 17th):

Jared Campbell
Caleb Tanner
Cody Francis
Xavear Cullors
Connor Henson
Jack Hammod
Nate Keim
Elijah Tanner
Blake Nation
Trase Sexton

Rhianna Hawkins
Brooke Eigenheer
Regan Brewer