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May 2005 -- 2nd Grade

April 2014 -- JR

Dec. 2007 -- 5th Grade

AM Tech -- (L-R) Front Row:
Morgan Cooper, Joey Downs, Abby Hoover, Caroline Patton, Hunter Heape, Cannon Vogel, and Shaeffer Smith. Second Row: Jhi Flores, Jonathon Sanders, Jadon Martinez, Tyler Ingram, Adam Hammond, Xaicha Xiong, and Riley Wilt. Third Row: Anthony Gomez, Shawn Linville, Alan Clark, McKenzie Loffer, Ahsley Lankford, Jeffery Buchfink, and Sami Lemmon. Back Row: Jessica Jackson, John Jackson, Jacob Badgwell, Kelton Ramsey, Dalton Grussendorf, Cassie Crown, Lindsey McGee, and Carrie Williamson.

PM Tech -- (L-R) Front Row: Brianna Hadley, Amanda Good, Fisher Hennessee, Judy Harmon, Cheyenne Beebe, Josh Swatsenburg, and Justin Spencer. Second Row: Katie Britt, Jenny Smith, Alex Weaver, Stephanie Torbett, Vanessa Garcia, Aundrea Brown, Shawn Linville, and Grace Spence. Third Row: Ryan Denny, Rachel Chambers, Colten Stephens, Blake Myers, Gentry McMillen, Breanna McGranahan, and Austin Stewart. Fourth Row: Alex Majike, Billy Lo, Marcus Redwine, and Patrick Dooling. Back Row: Dillon Ramos, Samuel Guinn, Alee Lo, Chris Luby, and Tristan Wynn.
. James Shiever memorial diploma

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