Collinsville, Oklahoma
February 28, 2015
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Library Donation From Cherokee Nation /
Senator Brinkley On Job Incentives /
Art Students Thank CEF /
Puppy Missing Since Feb. 26
Thank You To Collinsville Education Foundation
We would like to thank the CEF for our drawing boards we purchased using our CEF Grant this year for High School Art!

The students are so excited to have new boards to use for their drawing assignments. Students had been using the old drawing boards that have been passed around through many students over several years! They had holes, scratches, and many were broken. They are very excited to have a smooth drawing surface and I was able to purchase 25 boards so there will be enough for every student to use one! Thank you so much for everything you do for us, CEF!!!

Taylor Kite
High School Art Instructor --

-- Submitted photos
Lost Puppy
Her name is Chanel and she's a brindle Pitt/boxer mix. I found her in a plastic bag when she was 2 weeks old so you can imagine the heartbreak I'm going through right now. She's about 6 months old and she went missing last night (Feb. 26th) around 7:00 PM from my back yard around 6th and Maple in Collinsville (by the rendering plant) - Kelsey Day [email or call 918-606-2538} -- 2/27/2015

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$500 Cherokee Nation Donation To Collinsville Library

From Left to Right: District 13 Cherokee Nation Tribal Councilwoman Cara Cowan Watts, Tulsa City-County Library Collinsville Library Manager Rhonda Weldon and District 14 Tribal Councilman Lee Keener visit in the Children's Area, recently. Councilman Keener donated $500 of discretionary Tribal Council General Assistance funds to support children's programming at the Collinsville Public Library. The Library plans on bringing a Cherokee storyteller and more to Collinsville, this summer, using the Tribal funds.

-- Submitted by Cara Cowan Watts (2/28/2015)

Senate Update by Sen. Rick Brinkley
Relook Effectiveness Of
Job Creation Incentives
February 27, 2015


As your senator, I believe we must be focused on legislative action that will move our state forward. We want our schools to be among the best in the nation. We want our transportation infrastructure to be modern and convenient. We want our towns and cities to be safe places for our citizens to live, work and raise their families.

I believe the best way to accomplish these goals is through job creation—we must work to create a pro-jobs environment that will attract new businesses and the jobs that come with them, as well as helping our existing businesses to grow, thrive, and create even more employment opportunities.

Through the years, Oklahoma leaders have promoted various economic incentives that were enacted in order to help our state better compete for the jobs needed to fuel economic growth. This is not unique to our state. Most states have found these programs to be extremely helpful in their efforts to attract and keep a variety of industries. New incentives are promoted nearly every year with the promise that they’ll benefit economic development efforts. But I think it is important to know for certain if these programs really are generating the results that warrant continued support.

For years, Oklahoma has been enacting various economic incentives, but never revisiting them to determine how well they are working. Are they generating the economic activity and job creation that had been envisioned when they were proposed, or are they costing us more than they are generating? Too often the answer is that no one knows for certain.

The good news is there are two bills making their way through the Senate this year that would establish a process for measuring the success of economic incentives. Senate Bill 815 would require the creation of a process to determine whether incentives are achieving their goals. If not, we’d be able to determine if those goals could be reached by modifying a specific incentive program, or if it is simply time to end it. A second measure, Senate Bill 806 would require that any economic incentive to include a measurable goal or goals when enacted.

Why is this so important? Right now, Oklahoma provides more than $1.7 billion in economic incentives every year. I tend to think that some are working exactly as intended, while others might need tweaking. Some may simply not be generating the economic growth intended, and ending them may be the most fiscally responsible action. But we have no way of knowing unless we have the reliable data necessary to make those determinations.

That’s the point of these two measures. I had the privilege of presenting these bills to the Senate Finance Committee and both were approved. The next step will be to present them to the full Senate for further consideration.

Please feel free to contact me at the state Capitol by calling (405) 521-5566 or by emailing


Contact: Senator Rick Brinkley
State Capitol: (405) 521-5566

Found In Vera -3/4/2015