Collinsville, Oklahoma
April 15, 2015
CHS Baseball Team Photos
Collinsville High School
Baseball Cardinals
2015 CHS Varsity Baseball -- (L-R) Student Managers Seated Front: Carlie Crutchfield, Kaleigh Reeder, and Baylee Eigenheer.
Middle Row Kneeling: Breyden Varner (18), Dylan Russell (3), Brett Erickson (1), Zach Bess (7), Tanner Curtis (5), Chase Wilkins (13), Trent Flanagan (4), Cale Crutchfield (11), and Bryce Coons (16).
Back Row Standing: Head Coach Tony Reeder, Christian Blevins (10), Marcus Tillman (20), Hayden Wichman (2), Chase Lorg (9), Brannon Jordan (12), Ryan LeCrone (8), Alex Austin (15), Trevin Thomas (6), Dalton Hancock (14), Tony Connor (17), and Coach Paul Underwood.
2015 JV Baseball -- (L-R) Student Managers Seated Front: Brooke Eigenheer, Shelby Braley, and Ashley Flanagan.
Middle Row Kneeling: Holden Brown (10), Addison Lutz (15), Scott Tairent (2), Kevin Cooper (17), Haden Acklin (4), Kyle Jackson (14), and Carson Stout (3). Back Row Standing: Coach Paul Underwood, James Hodge (12), Travis Hardison (13), Jake Badgwell (9), Cody Miller (16), Kyle Burch (6), Titus Watson (19), and Jacob Martin (7).

2015 Baseball Seniors (L-R): Breyden Varner, Carlie Crutchfield, Chase Wilkins, Kaleigh Reeder. Dalton Hancock, and Baylee Eigenheer.
Coaches not in photos:
* Hamilton Hernandez
* Josh Moore
* Jay Crutchfield
* Greg Erickson

JV Boys:

Ty Alexander- #1
Scott Tairent- #2
Carson Stout- #3
Haden Acklin- #4
Kyle Burch- #6
Jacob Martin- #7
Jake Badgwell- #9
Holden Brown- #10
James Hodge- #12
Travis Hardison- #13
Kyle Jackson- #14
Addison Lutz- #15
Cody Miller- #16
Kevin Cooper- #17
Titus Watson- #19

2015 Collinsville HS Varsity Baseball Roster
Number Name Grade Position
1 Brett Erickson 10th SS-2B
2 Hayden Wichmann 10th RHP-UTC
3 Dylan Russell 10th C
4 Trent Flanagan 10th RHP-LF
5 Tanner Curtis 10th RHP-INF
6 Trevin Thomas 11th RHP-3B
7 Zach Bess 10th 2B
8 Ryan LeCrone 11th CF
9 Chase Lorg 10th RHP-3B-1B
10 Christian Blevins 11th RHP-2B
11 Cale Crutchfield 10th LHP-1B
12 Brannon Jordan 10th RHP-INF
13 Chace Wilkins 12th RHP-CF
14 Dalton Hancock 12th LHP
15 Alex Austin 9th DH
16 Bryce Coons 10th RF
17 Tony Connor 9th RHP-OTF
18 Breyden Varner 12th RHP-1B-C
20 Marc Tillman 11th LF

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