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August 27, 2014
7th & 8th Grade Football
Team Photos For 7th & 8th Grade Teams Taken August 16
Scrimmaged Aug 22nd
Regular Season Starts Sept. 2nd
2014 8th Grade Football -- (L-R) Front Row: Casidy Ishmael (trainer), Cole Wamego (12), Molly Sills (trainer), Dakota Huff (9), and Chloe Cooper (trainer).
Row 2
: Coach Tom Redding, Andrew Pickell (4), Cross Brockman (7), Talon Coulter (11), Baylor Haynie (48), Zac Madole (20), Trent Brown (43), Eric Cullen (63), Nathan Sellers (38), Trey Eberle (17), and Colby Davis (81).
Row 3: Coach Sean Tesar, Seth Wiser (14), Parker Holmes 64), Nick Goldsmith (82), Hayden Minton (5), Kenlee Hall (53), Caden Cole (71), Trey Williamson (66), Vince Gregory (30), Cody Coughran (54), Aex Rojas (61), and Michael Forcelle (40).
Row 4: Coach Curt Boomer, Jordan Wilkins (52), Hayden Knight (60), Josh Wise (8), Trace Doughtry (42), Colby Barker (27), Grayson Boomer (15), Adam Carney (55), Jonathan Martin (88), Carson Cole (50), Carter Lowe (44), Malcom Tillman (28), and Colton Mullinex (83).
2014 7th Grade Football -- (L-R) Front Row (student trainers): Chloe Cooper, Molly Sills, and Casidy Ishmael.
Row 2: Aiden Calloway (6), Caleb Tanner (2), Quinton Watson (78), Tanner Jones (68), Cole Kykendall (10), Cameron Shanks (9), Riley Hedges (3), Phillip Terrell (60), Jake Lawson (15), Caleb Mitchell (4), and Coach Tom Redding.
Row 3: Colton Moiser (5), Grant Casebeer (32), Cole Dugger (8), Jase Dennison (55), Zack Kitch (72), Ashton Jones (74), Payton Russell (21), A.J. Stubbs (53), Gaberial Stevens (62), Levi Michael (65), Taylor Olinghouse (12), and Coach Sean Tesar.
Row 4: Payne Houts (7), Brayden Burd (22), Garrett Russell (50), Dalton Porter (77), Isaac House (73), Zac Robbins (64), Gage Tacker (80), Ethan Cole (24), Trevin Hodges (16), Thunder Rozzell (13), Brady Mitchell (52), Noah Sinni (11), and Coach Kurt Boomer.
Missed Photo: Nolan Metzger (??)

7th & 8th grade football warmup at Bartlesville scrimmage Aug. 22nd -- Tom Redding provided photo
8-22-14 Bartlesville Scrimmage

The Collinsville Cardinals traveled up Highway 75 to Bartlesville last Friday night in a heated scrimmage. The temperature on the Bruins turf had a reading of 117 degrees. Coaches on both benches were extremely cautious with the heat advisory and gave extra attention to water breaks during the scrimmage. Players from both teams gave great effort during the contest.
Never had a team win a scrimmage, since there is no score recorded on the scoreboard, but the Cardinals held their own against the 6A opponent.
Cardinals’ next action will be for keeps. The Oologah Mustangs will trot onto Sallee Field on Tuesday, September 2nd for our first game of the season. Games begin at 5:00.
Because our first game follows Labor Day, we will have practice Monday at 9:00am with the 7th and 8th grade and 9th grade will practice at 10:30am.

Coach’m up
Tom Redding -- (8/25/2014)

Previous Coverage
Starting times for football scrimmage at Bartlesville Friday August 22 (per Tom Redding 8/18):
5:00 - 8th vs 8th one side of field, Bville 8th B team vs Cville 7th on other side of field
6:00 - 9th vs 9th
7:00 - Varsity / JV (Format is 10 plays Off/Def from 40 for an hour.)
MEET THE CARDS!! -- Thursday, August 21st @ 6:30 P.M. (at Sallee Field) The admission is $2.00. Football players, cheerleaders in uniform and team coach get in free (OSSAA, INFC and teacher/school passes NOT accepted as this is a fundraiser for CCQC and CHS Cheer). CCQC Trailer stocked with all new Cardinal gear, Cardinal Season ticket raffle, concessions and much more. Cardinal Nation we hope to see you there! -- Thank you for your support, Quarterback Club and Varsity Cheer -- (8/11/2014)
8th Graders (2014):
7th (2013) 6th (2012) (White) & (Red) 5th (2011) (Red) 4th (2010) (Red) (Playoff) 3rd (2009) (White) & (Red) 2nd (2008) 1st (2007) (White) & (Red) & (Black)
7th Graders (2014):
(2013 as 6th Graders 2012 as 5th Graders 2011 as 4th Graders 2010 as 3rd Graders 2009 as 2nd Graders 2008 as 1st Graders

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