Collinsville, Oklahoma
September 27, 2013
CHS Football -vs- Claremore
38-42 Overtime Loss
In First District Game
Homecoming (& Grove) Next

The Collinsville Cheerleaders will compete in the 5A Cheer State Competition Saturday at OSU.
Shawn Koscheski (#1) covered about 38 yards on this run to Claremore's 10 yard line on the Cardinals opening (80 yard) drive. He scored a few plays later (see photo above right) to put Collinsville up 7-0 after Sergio Perez's PAT kick.
Shawn Koscheski (#1) got this punt off but it was returned to the Collinsville 30 (then flagged back to the 40). That set up a 1 play Claremore scoring drive (a 40 yard pass) at 5:38 in the first quarter for a 7-7 score.
The next Collinsville punt was blocked setting Claremore up at the Cardinal 20. Claremore was flagged back to the 30 before covering that with a TD run at 4:16 in the 1st quarter and going ahead 7-14.
QB Shawn Koscheski (#1) converted a 4th and 13 from the Claremore 26 yard line for the second Collinsville TD (and 80 yard drive) at 1:52 in the first quarter.
Sergio Perez (#9) converted all of his extra point kicks. I think that's Justin Kothe (#45) getting his head shoved backwards by Claremore's #50 on the play that tied the score at 14-14.
Sergio Perez (#9) had another extra point kick following a Keenan Hamilton 11 yard touchdown pass reception (from Shawn Koscheski) at 9:29 in the 2nd quarter. My photo for that TD was late and out of focus. -- Ted
Dylan Cook (#18) covered about 73 yards with this pass from Shawn Koscheski to give the Cards a 2 touchdown lead (28-14) with 6:53 left in the first half.
This kickoff return for a touchdown by Claremore immediately after Collinsville had gone up by 2 scores quickly sucked the momentum away from the Cardinals. I typically try to stay away officiating controversaries but this is one was difficult to ignore. Claremore was flagged for a foul (apparenly behind the kick returner but also apparenly well before the endzone was reached and a whistle blown) but allowed to keep the score as the foul was somehow declared a "deadball" foul and enforced on the following kickoff. Collinsville then fumbled on their next series (at their own 40) and Claremore scored again and tied the score at 28-all with 2:56 left in the first half.
Thought I'd send you a still image from my video of the questionable call at the Collinsville and Claremore game. The flag is in the air in this picture and clearly shows that the ball carrier is NOT in the end zone. The block in the back against #43 happens when the ball carrier is at the 30 yard line. Such a shame that the ref didn't make the call as he saw it and call the TD back.
-- Debbie Haymaker (9/29/2013)
Collinsville missed one opportunity to regain the lead (a wide open receiver dropped a pass in the endzone) and eventually turned the ball over on downs at Claremore's 25 with a minute left. Marcus Tillman made up for that with this interception and return of a Claremore pass with 44.8 second left before halftime and a 35-28 score.
Neither team crossed the goal line in the 3rd quarter but it took a Cardinal goal line stand in the closing minute of the 3rd quarter to keep Collinsville up 35-28. Collinsville took over on down at the 3 yard line with 17.9 seconds before starting the 4th quarter. Collinsville could not move away from their goal and punted out to the Collinsville 38. Claremore scored 3 plays later on a 7 yard run at 10:25 in the 4th quarter and tied the score at 35-35.
Collinsville had one last chance in regulation to win the game having driven to the 22 yard line with just 5.2 seconds left. This Koscheski pass to T. J. Johnson (#6) was incomplete as time expired and the game moved to overtime.
T.J. Johnson (#6) had this pass knocked loose in the endzone on Collinsville's turn first on offense (from the 10) in overtime. The Cardinals settled for a Sergio Perez (#9) field goal on 4th down for a brief 38-35 lead.
Claremore scored on a 10 yard run on their first offensive play in overtime. They were allowed to kick an extra point instead of instant game over at 38-41 ... I assume for district tie breaker possibilities later. The final score was 38-42. Coach Jones told his Cardinal players after the game that he suspects the two best district teams fought a tough battle here tonight but they would have to play hard the rest of the season to prove that correct.

I thought you might like to share this on your web page. The CHS Varsity football & coaches volunteered at the Race for the Cure this morning after their team breakfast. Great group of men!! Cardinal heart. -- Donita Lowe (9/27/2013) -- Friday morning before the game ... with no school.
Previous Coverage
I could find no "recent" varsity football games between Claremore and Collinsville. I did find that the two teams played in 1964 and 1965 but didn't have time to do any significant research, so they might have played in other years? ... I just don't know. But fairly certain they haven't played for decades. There have been many JV, JrHi, and Elementary football games between the Cardinals and Zebras. -- Ted Wright 9/22/2012
10/17/2012 Update: Collinsville played Claremore (here) in Sept. 1967 also.

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Sept. 27, 2013 at Claremore
The Collinsville Band performed during pre-game (instead of half time). The photos down the left side are in order of occurance.
QB Shawn Koscheski (#1) scored the first points of the evening on a 10 yard option keeper at 9:03 in the first quarter.
Justin Kothe (#45) just missed a sack on this late 1st quarter pass rush but the pass was incomplete. Two more big Cardinal pass rushes forced a 3 and out.