Park Board Meeting
December 17, 2013
Potential Grant For Pond
Shelter Reservations Approved

MasterPlan Drawing Updates Approved

Pond Design Options

Previous Meet
Nov. 19, 2013

Regular Meeting Agenda
December 17, 2013, 4:30 P.M.
City Hall Commission Chambers
Collinsville, Oklahoma

1. Call to Order.

2. Roll Call.-- (Absent: Cheryl Hunt) + (Present: Glen Reser, Adam Stiedly, Eddie Tidwell, & Ted Wright) + city staff

3. Approval of Regular Meeting Minutes for November 19, 2013 Regular Meeting. -- Approved

4. Discussion and possible action to approve the revised Collinsville City Park Master Plan -- Approved, the park board quickly agreed on the adjusted locations of items discussed at previous meeting (see drawing at bottom of page). This was followed by a lengthy discussion on pond options and non-pond options. The main difference (other than cost) in the options is the natural mound that is only retained in option 2, and having a "rain garden" with gravel & plants on either the south or north end of the pond. Or a rain garden only. In a 3-1 vote the borad finally went with pond option 1 to recommend to the city commission. Cost was not really a driver in the option decision other than suggestion that if you are going to build a pond build the bigger one.

5. Discussion and possible action to apply for Land and Wildlife Conservation Fund Grant for construction of pond. -- Approved, the deadline is January for this (50%) grant application so if the pond discussion drags out it might be switched to an alternate park project, else it would be an additional year for the next grant cycle.

6. Discussion and possible action regarding reservations of Park Shelters. -- Approved, a $25 for 2 hours + $10 each additional hour fee to reserve either of the two newest shelters (near the splash pad) or the older largest shelter. The reservations would need to be made in advance at city hall. Otherwise the shelters are available for first-come first-serve or shared use basis. Anyone using the shelters needs to leave it clean for the next user (reserved or not).

7. Adjournment.

Ted Wright comments in purple.'s
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1 new item (new play equipment near pond in right purple circle) & 3 "old" items in new locations (L-R purple circles: potential statue, horseshoe pit, and sand volleyball)