Collinsville, Oklahoma
August 14, 2013
2013 CHS Volleyball
Collinsville High School
Volleyball Team Photos

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2013 CHS Varsity Volleyball -- (L-R) Front Row: Megan Bell (4), and Bailey Eberle (14).
Middle Row:
Kaelin McNew (manager), Carley Michela (13), Vicki Kolosha (8), Sarah Shiever (3), and Katlynn Wheeler (2). Back Row: Coach Toni Slagle, Megan Rice (9), Brooke Lenhart (6), Mallory Vaughn (15), Shelby West (7), Mati Bird (11), and Head Coach Art Smalygo.
2013 CHS JV & Freshman Volleyball -- Double Jersey Numbers: (Red/Columbia Blue)
(L-R) Front Row:
Laishen Her (1/1/L00), Ellee Thompson (7/5), Shea Thomas (28/8), Kassidy Rinck (23/11), Maddy Roberts (34/11), Megan Bell (4/2), and Melissa Scott (33/5).
Middle Row: Kaylee Bowman (9th manager), Nicole Clymer (5/4), Jeslynn Crowder (35/15), Sophie Sallee (29/13), Kalleigh Cox (25/7), Marlee Hearn (24/10), Laci Crabb (26/3), and Kaelin McNew (JV manager).
Back Row: Freshman Coach Ryan Christian, Vicki Kolosha (8/14), Caroline Bird (6/6), Ellen Pfeffer (36/6), Diana Kolosha (12/12), Rebecca Harrington (27/14), and JV Coach Toni Slagle.
2013 Volleyball Seniors -- (L-R): Bailey Eberle, Sarah Shiever, Brook Lenhart, Mati Bird and Carley Michela.
Collinsville Cardinal
Varsity Volleyball 2013
Number Player Position Class
#2 Katlynn Wheeler Setter FR
#3 Sarah Shiever Left Side SR
#4 Megan Bell Back Row SO
#6 Brook Lenhart Middle SR
#7 Shelby West Right Side JR
#8 Vicki Kolosha Right Side JR
#9 Megan Rice Right Side FR
#11 Mati Bird Left Side SR
#13 Carley Michela Back Row SR
#14 Bailey Eberle Setter SR
#15 Mallory Vaughn Middle FR
Head Coach: Art Smalygo
Assistant Coaches: Ryan Christian & Toni Slagle
Managers: Sydney Smith & Kaelin McNew