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August 2, 2011
2011 CHS Volleyball
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Varsity Volleyball -- L-R Back Row: Head Coach Art Smalygo, Victoria Jackson (2), Mati Bird (11), Brook Lenhart (6), Misty Royall (13), Sarah Shiever (3) and Coach Ryan Christian. Middle Row: Katie Bertus (5), Nickolett Ramsey (4), Chancy Coulter (10), Stacey Wilson (15), and Coach Toni Slagle. Front Row: Sydney Smith (trainer), Paige Prather (1), Bailey Eberle (8), and Liz Stavros (trainer). Missed Photo: Kyrston Wheeler (7) and Maddy LaValley (14).
JV & Frosh Volleyball -- L-R Back Row: JV Coach Toni Slagle, Carley Michela (23), Ashley Lankford (25), Megan Royall (13), Shelby West (36), Madie Vaghn (33), Vicki Kolosha (35), Marissa Boggs (27), and 9th Coach Ryan Christian. Middle Row: Baylee Stites (21), Gates McNeal (29), Sawyer Salisbury (24), Kaleigh Reeder (28), Kelsey Loftin (6), and Taylor Glenn (5). Front Row: McKenzie Loffer (20), Taylor Townsend (7), and Baylee Eigenheer (9).
2011 Volleyball Seniors: -- L-R: Katie Bertus, Nickolette Ramsey, Liz Stavros, Chancy Coulter, Stacey Wilson (and Maddy LaValley who missed the photo).
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2011 CHS Volleyball Schedule
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2011 Volleyball Seniors: -- L-R: Liz Stavros, Chancy Coulter, Maddy LaValley, Stacey Wilson, Katie Bertus, & Nickolette Ramsey.