Collinsville, Oklahoma
April 26, 2013
S.W.A.T. Games
CHS Event Highlighted Activity of "Students Working Against Tobacco"
Speaker Has Powerful Lungs

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Freshman Brandon Lowe was named the winner of the 2013 SWAT games with Samantha Smith and Elizabeth Blissit crowning him at a CHS assembly Friday. Brandon was the last of (17 students) to avoid the colored water from balloons, squirters, and buckets in a rainy outdoor contest at the track. The rest of the students got to watch a video of the event later.
World record holder Brian Jackson spoke to the CHS students Friday at the SWAT Games assembly. He did not demonstrate his water bottle bursting ability live but did show videos of his appearance on several recent talent and record breaking shows. Jackson showed a video of his successful attempt to lift a car by blowing air into a lift bag. He announced he will attempt to lift a semi truck the day before Easter in 2014 (at Muskogee).
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Brian Jackson (left) did demonstrate (via 6 CHS volunteers) how difficult it is just to blow up a small balloon.
This is an October 2012 photo of the CHS S.W.A.T. organization.