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School Board Meet
January 9, 2012

Selling 7.5 Acre Lot
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Collinsville Public Schools
1119 West Broadway
Collinsville, OK 74021

All persons interested in attending the Regularly Scheduled School Board Meeting for Collinsville Public Schools, Independent District I-6, should make plans to attend the meeting at the following date, time and place to wit:

Date: January 9, 2012
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Place: Education Service Center, 1119 W. Broadway Collinsville, OK 74021

The following items will appear on the agenda at the above scheduled meeting to wit:
NOTE: The Board of Education may discuss, vote to approve, vote to disapprove, vote to table or decide not to
vote on any item on this agenda.
1) Call to Order and Roll Call of Members.
2) Record of Members Present and Absent. -- all present
3) Requests to Address the Board. -- none
4) Reading of Minutes – December 6, 2011 Regular Meeting. -- Approved
5) Approval of Purchase Orders and Payment of Purchase Orders – FY2012 General, Building and Casualty Insurance Recovery Funds and All District Funds - Approval of Budgets, Reports, Allocations and Investments. -- Approved
6) Discussion and Vote to Approve Activity Fund Fundraisers. -- Approved
7) Bond Update – Stephen L. Smith Corp. -- Smith (the school's financial advisor) presented a few options for potential bond proposals in the future with an overall message that waiting another year or two would allow more of the current $11.4 million outstanding bond debt to be paid down and perhaps a more favorable set of economic factors before taking on future projects. The consultant also noted that if the board wished to pursure something sooner, that his firm would do their best to find a way to to make that feasible. A future small millage increase is also a likely way to gather the anounts needed for some construction project being considered. The board did not discuss any of those potential projects at this meeting nor took any action with the new information.

8) Resignations: -- Accepted
--a) Jackie Hass, MS, Special Needs TA.
--b) Pat Shults, ECC, Kindergarten TA.
--c) Rebecca Myers, ECC, Special Needs TA.

9) Proposed Executive Session to Discuss Personnel and Hiring of Certified and Classified Personnel, Pursuant to Section 307 (B)(1) of the Open Meeting Law, O§, so that the Board May Return to Open Session And Vote to Hire or Not Hire Certified and Classified Personnel for FY2012.
10) Vote to Convene in Executive Session.
11) Vote to Acknowledge Return of Board to Open Session.
12) Executive Session Minutes Compliance Announcement. -- no action taken

13) Hiring of Personnel: -- Approved
--a) Donita Lowe, ECC, Kindergarten TA, 6 Hrs, 5 Mo’s.
--b) Nicole Peoples, ECC, Special Needs TA, 6-1/2 Hrs, 5 Mo’s.
--c) Amy Schultheiss, MS, Special Needs TA, 6-1/2 Hrs, 5 Mo’s.
--d) Ryan Hinckley, High School Social Studies.
--e) Richard Troia, High School Math.

14) Discussion and Vote To Accept Bid on 7.5 Acres mol (more or less ... actually less after an access easement was made to Herb Weaver previously) on North 15th Street. -- Approved, the $50K+ bid of Danny Pavey (an adjacent property owner) was accepted and a 10% check had already been reveived.
15) Discussion and Vote To Approve Extra Duty Spring Coaching Assignments. -- Approved
16) Discussion and Review of Property Liability Insurance and Vote to Accept Recommendation of Aaron Reinhardt, AAI, Wilcox & McGrath Insurance, Agent of Record. -- Approved, the only bid received (from OSMRT). Two other companies declined, apparently after a high claim year (including the CHS roof damage). The OSMRT bid for the new premium was increased from last year.
17) Recognition of School Board Members During National School Board Member Month. (more info)

18) Assistant Superintendent’s Report. -- Lance West reported on these topics:
* Gradual CHS room-by-room rennovations continue with several completed over recent holidays. CHS principal Jon Coleman was thankful for the improvements and reported a "renewed pride in the classrooms" by the teachers and students. Improvements include paint, ceiling tile replacements, air handler room rennovations, carpet and new windows. It is hoped all the planned room updates can be made by summer.
* French drains were installed and shaded grassy areas were cemented over in the canopy area connecting the main CHS building with the 9th grade center.
* Janice K. Pollard signs now in place at ECC.
A double door foyer will be added at CHS to help with security and heat/cool air loss.
* Plans in place to upgrade/eliminate window air conditioners at Wilson Elementaryas funds available.
* Drainage issue near Wilson canopy also addressed.
* EDIT Group here for Jan. 4th professional development day discussing Common Core (new tougher testing standards set for mid-2014).
* NWEA training soon for increased student assessment to help them be more comfortable with future testing requirements.

19) Superintendent’s Report. -- Terry Due reported he expects test scores to continue to rise and we are on track for Common Core in 2014.

20) Announcements.
* CHS Wrestlers won the Cushing tournament this weekend.
* Home Depot has recently "adopted" Wilson Elementary and will provide expertise and volunteer some material & labor for a "dream list" including improvements to the upper playground.

* Terry Due offerred congratulations to Chance Riley (son of board member Steve Stout) for being a part of the Pitt State football division II national championship.

21) New Business: (if any, of an emergency nature or that was not known at the time the agenda was posted).
* Jan Sheiver (4th grade teacher at Herald) turned in her resignation this week (effective Jan. 20th) after the agenda was set. Her husband has an OKC job and she now has a job offer closer to OKC. New Herald Principal Arlin Stacy will begin interviewing for a replacement teacher.
* A 2% raise for support staff had been approved earlier in the school year but the same 2% raise for administrators had been on hold. Terry Due recommended the numbers looked good enough (after mid-year adjustments by the state) that the raise for the administrators was now within the available budget and it was approved by the board and made retro-active to the beginning of the school year. This was the first raise in 3 years for principals and the assistant superintendent.

22) Adjournment.

This notice being given and displayed by the authority of the School Board of Independent District, I-6, acting by and through the undersigned.
Terry Due, Supt. of Schools

Posted this 6th day of January, 2012 at 11:00 a. m. on the door of the Education Service Center at 1119 West Broadway, Collinsville, OK 74021.

=======================Ted Wright's comments added in purple

Bond Potential Update

2% Admministrator Raises

Annual School Board Recognition Month

Replacement CHS Math & Social Studies Teachers

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