Collinsville, Oklahoma
April 30, 2012 (Online 5/5/2012)
7th & 8th Grade Track Girls
7th Grade Girls Are
Metro Lakes Conference Champs

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2012 Collinsville 7th Grade Track & Field Team -- Metro Lakes Conference Champions --
(L-R) Front Row:
Becky Smith, Savannah Ramsey, Ravyn Murphy, Hailey Scott, and Kylie Alberty.
Second Row: Ashlyn Ivey, Sydnie Mclelland, Ivy Carey, Avery Carey, Joelle Nelson, Quanee Trip and Sami Harp.
Third Row: Darci Chester, Gail Young, Kayla Beagles, Jeslynn Crowder, Sydney Vogel, Rebecca Harrington, Katlynn Wheeler, Emily Tate and Maddy Roberts.
Fourth Row (Standng): Brittany Kickapoo, Makayla Bowman, Rylee Delozier, Chelsea Brown, Mallory Vaughn, Megan Rice, Marissa Allen, Sophie Sallee and Jorden Carney.
2012 Collinsville 8th Grade Track & Field Team -- (L-R) Front Row: Mallory Burd, Paige Thomason, Chelsey Barton, Megan Bell, and Hannah Linzy. Second Row: Cori Ingram, Marlee Hearn, Katy Palmer, Ellen Thomas, Laishen Her, Tiffany Trimble, and Taylor Lawley. Third Row: Kalleigh Cox, Payton Benham, Emma Alexander, Sonja Ravera,, Faith Sampley, Taelin King, and Diana Kolosha. Back Row: Elizabeth Vonschriltz, Tia Crawford, Paige Luper, Lacie Crabb, Victoria Kidney, Mariah Hawkins, Emma Cooper, and Courtney Tairent.
I have to comment that the 7th & 8th Grade girls track teams provided the most positive feedback I've ever received for a slideshow today as they viewed photos from the April 19th JrHi meet here.. -- Ted Wright 4/30/2012
The girls also checked in their uniforms and received their medals from the conference meet.
Thank you to Ravyn Murphy for her assist with the 7th girls names. -- Ted 7/22/2013