Collinsville, Oklahoma
January 21, 2011
Rep. Sullivan Town Hall Meet

U.S. Congressman John Sullivan
Spoke & Took Questions In Collinsville Friday

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Congressman John Sullivan spoke In Collinsville Friday (at American Bank of Oklahoma) with Collinsville's namesake (Dr. A. H. Collins) looking over his shoulder.

Rep. Sullivan 1/21/2010 Email Press Release:
Repealing Obamacare

This week, my House Republican Colleagues and I passed H.R. 2, legislation repealing the new Healthcare law known as Obamacare. Like most Oklahomans, I believe our nation’s healthcare system is in need of serious reform – costs are too high, and not enough people have access to quality care – but that reform cannot come at the expense of families, small businesses and compromising the doctor patient relationship like Obamacare does.

Repealing Obamacare will allow us to start from scratch to develop a healthcare system that works for all Americans, without unconstitutional, costly government mandates that destroy jobs. Please know that the healthcare debate in Washington is far from over, and we have a long road ahead. H.R. 2 has now been sent to the U.S. Senate for further consideration. Please know that I will continue my work on behalf of all Oklahomans to ensure your voices are heard, and that Obamcare is repealed and replaced with common sense, consumer friendly reforms that lower costs and increases access to for families and businesses across our nation.

Click here to read my statement on House Passage of H.R. 2


Representative John Sullivan

Tulsa County Commissioner John Smailgo also spoke briefly (after Sullivan) to the room full of citizens in the Community Room at American Bank.
Collinsville Mayor Stan Sallee thank Representative Sulivan for his continued support of Collinsville.
Sample Topics Discussed In Collinsvile Today:

* Repealing "Obama" Healthcare (see additional info to left)
--- plan to attack individual mandates as Senate / President won't allow House repeal to complete
------ "Unconstitutional" fines for not purchasing insurance
--- OK with pre-existing conditions
--- OK with parent coverage for kids to age 26
--- Cut fraud & waste
--- Allow health insurance purchase across state lines
--- Healthcare is 1/6 of US economy

* Against "Cap & Trade"
* Vice Chair Energy & Power
--- Don't ban offshore drilling
* Debt is "killing" us ... start by going back to 2008 spending levels ...government needs to be smaller
* Relook entitlements
* Jobs lost to other countries
--- too many regulations and taxes
* Secure borders then address illegal immigration
* Change tax system
--- get rid of income tax (constitutional change)
--- Fair Tax Group (tax what's bought) instead
* U.S. Department of Education should be eliminated
* Too Many Obama "czar" appointment bypassing normal oversight... hopes to cut their budgets
* Does not want to raise debt ceiling

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