Collinsville, Oklahoma
January 7, 2011
Sports Update

Wrestling Update /
JrHi Football Off-Season /
Spring Schedules

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Cushing Wrestling Tournament (In Progress)
Cardinal 140 lb wrestler Jake Barton working for the pin at the Cushing Wrestling tournament. The Cardinals had 6 wins vs 1 loss in the 1st round. -- Jim Riley Friday 1/7/2011 -- (More)
JrHi Football Off-Season
Coach Tommy Redding has his junior high football kids staying in shape during the off season with exercises (above) and weight lifting (below).
JrHi Football Weight-Lifters
Jr High Cardinal Wrestlers Sweep Pryor Duals -- The Collinsville Jr High wrestling team ran their dual record to 4-0 by winning all three duals at the Pryor Duals on Thursday. The young Cardinal wrestlers beat Pryor 64-12, Jay 59-18 and Grove 41-28 make a clean sweep of the day. On Tuesday they beat Sperry 62-6. The young gun Cardinals placed 1st in the Bixby Tournament and 3rd in the Sand Springs Tournament. -- Jim Riley 1/7/2011

2011 CHS Soccer Schedules
(Subject to change) -- 1/4/2010 Prelim. Version

February 15th @ Glenpool Var/JV Scrimmage 5/6:45pm
February 17th H Oologah Var 5:30/7:30pm
February 19th @ Skiatook Girls Preseason Tour. TBA
February 21st @ Claremore Sequoyah JV B/G 5/7pm
February 24th @ East Central 5/7pm
February 26th @ Skiatook Boys Preseason TBA
Varsity Schedule 2011 Season
District Games* & Tournament

March 2nd H Tahlequah 6/8pm
March 4th H Catoosa 6/8pm
March 10th H Coweta 5:30/7pm
*March 22nd @ Bishop Kelly 6/8pm
March 24-25th @ Stilwell Tournament TBA
*April 5th H Skiatook 6/8pm
*April 8th H Claremore 6/8pm
*April 12th H Pryor 6/8pm
*April 14th @ East Central 6/8pm
*April 19th @ Grove 5/7pm
*April 21st @ Central 5/7pm
JV Soccer (Girls & Boys)
March 2nd H Tahlequah (Girls Only) 4:30pm
March 3rd @ Edison B/G 5:30/7pm
March 7th H Hale 5:30/7:30pm
March 21st @ Coweta 5:30/7pm
March 31st @ Oologah 5:30/7pm
April 4th H East Central 5/7pm
April 5th H Skiatook (Girls Only) 4pm
April 7th @ Tahlequah (Boys) TBA
April 12th H Pryor 3:30/4:30pm
April 18th H Noah 5/7pm
April 26th H Mingo Valley 5:30/7:30pm
Head Coach Justin Schubert
2011 CHS Baseball Schedule
(1/6/2011 Version -- Subject To Change)
14th Sand Springs- Scrimmage A JV 4:00
15th Sand Springs- Scrimmage H V 4:00
17th Claremore Seq.- Scrimmage A V 3:00
18th Memorial- Scrimmage H V 4:00
18th Memorial- Scrimmage A JV 4:00
21st Jenks-Scrimmage H V 3:30
22nd Sperry-Scrimmage A V 2:45
25th Bixby Scrimmage A V 3:30
25th Bixby Scrimmage H JV 4:00
26th union-scrimmage A V 12:00
26th union-scrimmage H JV 12:00

1st Skiatook H V/JV 4:00
3rd Catoosa A V/JV 4:00
4th Coweta H V/JV 4:00
7th Tahlequah A V/JV 4:30
8th Claremore A V/JV 4:00
11th Bishop Kelley H V 4:30
11th Bishop Kelley A JV 4:30
18-19th Spring Dale tourney A V TBA
21st Claremore H JV/V 4:00
22nd Union H jv-2 4:00
23rd Bixby tourney A V TBA
25-26th C-ville JV festival H JV TBA
28th Pryor H JV-V 5:00
29th Edison A V 4:00
31st Union H V 5:00

1st Berryhill A V 5:00
4th Bishop Kelly A V 4:00
4th Bishop Kelly H JV 4:30
5th Cascia Hall H V 4:00
5th Cascia Hall A Jv 4:30
7th Ft.Gibson H Jv-V 5:00
8th tahlequah H Jv-V 5:00
11th Skiatook A Jv-V 4:00
14th Union A Jv-2 4:00
14th Memorial A V 5:00
15th Pryor A V-JV 5:00
16th Edison A V 12:00
16th Edison A JV 2:30
21st-23rd McAlester Tournament A V TBA
25th Coweta A V-JV 4:00
29th BTW A(one ok) 5:30
30th Owasso A V 7:00

3rd-7th Regionals TBA V TBA
11th-14th State Tournament TBA V TBA
Head Coach Tony Reeder