Collinsville, Oklahoma
December 25, 2011
Miscellaneous News
Masonic Lodge Supplements Band's Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser /
S-Curve Construction Continues /
Garden Dough
Has Colors and Fragrance

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Collinsville Masons Support For Band Pancake Breakfast
Band Booster Vice President Missy Tillman accepts a check from the Collinsville Masonic Lodge for the Pancake Breakfast that the Band Boosters and Masonic Lodge sponsored on December 10, 2011. Those in attendance at the check receiving were member of the Band Booster Board (and CCC Director Richard Newhart), Masonic Lodge members and Cadets: Damia Collis, Jared Glaus, Matt Tillman and Alex Shepley. The check was for $4041.00.
-- Submitted by Connie Collis (12/22/2011)

6 tubs of Garden Dough
- Naturally tinted with real food!

Handmade in Texas (by a 2000 CHS Grad), Garden Dough is classic salt play dough with a colorful twist. Each batch is made from natural ingredients, and the color comes from fresh produce or spices. Each tub is 4.5 oz of dough in a reusable, hinged plastic container, so you won't lose the lid.

Ingredients: flour, salt, olive oil, cream of tartar, natural vegetable or spice color

Choose 6 from:
pink - colored and scented by Strawberry
brown - colored and scented by Cocoa
white - colored and scented by Vanilla
red - colored by Beets
purple - colored by Blueberries
light green - colored by Spinach or Parsley
dark green - colored by Spinach or Parsley
yellow - colored by Turmeric

New S-Curve Progress
Construction of the new lanes of Main Street and Highway 20 (that will soon make a smoother transition from Main to Broadway) continues. This view was facing east taken on Wednesday Dec. 21, 2011 as additional layers of asphalt were being added to reach the final surface level. Status from the city&contractor Friday indicated that traffic may be shifted next week (perhaps as soon as Tuesday Dec 27?) to the usable portions portions of the new roadway. Based on what I saw when I drove by today (Christmas Sunday), I'd guess that would be from the west end of construction (near the nursing home) all the way to 17th Street (near Piggly Wiggly). -- Ted 12/25/2011
Where's the S? -- This view (looking east towards where 19th Street and the old S-Curve used to share a north-south path) now has a good start towards a mostly straight 4-lane east-west roadway. This photo was taken Wednesday mid-day while more asphalt was being applied further west to bring the roadway up to the final level. The old 19th Street is much lower than the new asphalt surface and is closed (and likely will be for some time until the new intersection is built with signal lights. The darker patch of asphalt just behind the red construction pickup is where the new intersection will eventually be. More later -- Ted 1am Friday 12/23/2011
Further east (closer to downtown) the 2 future lanes on the north side of Main Street (3 blocks from 17th to 14th) are still in the pre-asphalt stages. The total construction phase of the project was originally set for 6 months and started in June 2011 so should have been nearly completed by now. The right of way purhase and utility relocation phase before that was multiple years long. Addition utility relocation issues during construction (especially gas lines) have contributed to some of the unscheduled delays.

19th St. & several other north-south Streets are still closed at Main.
Traffic Switch Delayed: Due to the freezing temperatures for tomorrow (Friday) , they won’t be able to switch traffic off of the detour until Tuesday Dec. 27,2011. -- 12/22/2011 report from Bruce Overton (S-Curve Contractor - Paragon) via Phill Stowell (City Public Works Director).