Collinsville, Oklahoma
February 6, 2010
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Wilson Elementary Student Recognized /
Soil Program Test Example

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Young Problem Solvers
Wilson Elementary students are continuing to learn how to problem solve using their curiosity and problem solving skills. During the past week, Wilson students who showed good problem solving skills were chosen from their classrooms. -- Lee Ann Due
Grade 1 (Jan 22) - Front Row (l-r) Hunter Sunday, Brayden Sligar, Zachary Samol, and NeoWilliams
Back Row (l-r) Megan Thetford, Baylor Enyart,
Allie Swarer, and Brianna Torre
Grade 2 (Jan 26)- Front Row (l-r) Josh Buckingham, Katelyn Kidney, Jacob Tompkins, and Riley Hedges
Back Row (l-r) Luke Pitkin, Micah Hudson, Isaac House, and Herubey Magallon
Local Soil Testing Continues

Workers from the Collinsville Soil Program made a scheduled visit to my yard Saturday (Feb. 6, 2010) to gather small soil samples. Those samples will be sent in for tests for possible contaminents from Collinsville's early day smelter operations that began about 99 years ago in 1911 and continued until the early 1920s.

The most recent Soil Program advertisement indicated 2,200 local properties have been signed up for this free testing since signups began in Jan. 2009.

Collection tools are cleaned between samples as multiple samples are collected, tagged and logged. The small holes (drilled with hand tools) are refilled. A full report of the findings will be provided later to the each property owner. The soil program is a project of Cyprus Amax Minerals Co. with oversight by the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality. Their local office is at 707 W. Main in Collinsville.
The workers indicated the recent ice, snow and cold have been a challenge but they have worked all but a few of the coldest days when the top soil was frozen. -- Ted Wright 2/6/2010
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