Collinsville, Oklahoma
June 3, 2009
City Notice To Citizens

City Computer Problems Still Delaying Billing

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The City of Collinsville had two hard drives crash simultaneously. These hard drives contained our Incode software system which is used for everything the city does, including billing.

We will not be able to process bills until the system is restored and back on line. We are not sure when we will be able to send bills out, hopefully sometime this month. We are requesting that citizens pay the same amount that was paid last month. That way you will not get behind and have to pay two month’s bills at one time. There will not be any penalties applied this month.

Please bear with us during the restoration process. We understand it is frustrating to each of you. We, too, are very frustrated over this situation. It is very stressful and we are doing the very best we can to remedy the situation while making it as easy as possible for each of you, our customers.

For clarification, we did have a back-up system in place. That too failed. The hard drives have been sent to a restoration company in Ft. Worth. Diagnostic tests are being run now and hopefully we will know something very soon.

We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. If you have any questions, please call us or drop in to see us, 371-1010. We will be happy to help in anyway.

A word of warning if you’re running a back-up, makes sure it is backing up. Don’t take for granted that it is. It may show that it is, but take the tape somewhere and check it to make sure.

As my mother would say, “And this too shall pass.”

Pam Polk
City Manager (Wednesday June 3, 2009 2:45pm)

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Note: The City of Collinsville's computer problems have still not been solved (more status from Monday's meet). Utility bills will be delayed. City Manager said that unless the problem is resolved quickly, customers may be allowed to pay last month's amount and the 10th of June due date might be extended. -- Ted -- midnight Monday 6/1/2009
The City of Collinsville is experiencing technical difficulties with our computer system. As soon as these issues are resolved the utility bills will be sent out promptly. If you have any questions please call City Hall at 371-1010. -- Thank You, Angela Long (City Clerk) -- 1pm Friday 5/29/2009
Thursday June 4th 3pm City Municipal Authority Work Session (at City Hall)
Discussion on proposed Fiscal Year 2009-2010 Budget for all Funds.
6/4/2009 Update: The failed drive data has been recovered (in Texas) and it is hoped the system here can be restored by Friday June 5th. -- Per Pam Polk at Chamber meet Thursday