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City Commission Meeting
June 1, 2009
City Computers Failed & Backups Inadequate's
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MONDAY, June 1, 2009 AT 7:00 P.M.

1. Call to Order.

2. Flag Salute.
3. Roll Call:
-- all present except Reeder
Mayor Stan Sallee _____
Commissioner Pam Porter _____
Commissioner Bud York _____
Commissioner Melodie Bateman _____
Commissioner Billie Reeder _____

City's web version of June 1 agenda City Commission
City's Web version of June 1 agenda for Municipal Authority

With computer difficulties Friday May 29th the city could not send me an email with an electronic agenda so I've added links (above) to their online agendas -- Ted -- Sunday May 31, 2009
(Note: city utility bills are also delayed by the computer difficulties)

This is a repeat item from a previous agenda back on for June 1st:

7. Discussion, consideration and possible action to renew contract for 2009 with Ricky Hayes of Retail Attractions, LLC. -- this action was tabled again as Hayes could not attend this city's meeting. The pending contract has been modified to include incentive caps.

* The Main Street closure for June 13th Hogs 'N' Hot Rods (5:30am-8pm) was approved.

* A zoning change for a duplex at the NE corner of 10th & Spring was approved.

* Closure (but not vacation) of a former railway easement was approved (on an odd shaped piece of property where Jalapeno Grill stands). It is an 80 foot easement not a roadway.

City Computer System Failure -- (as reported by City Manager Pam Polk 6/1/2009 in her report to the city commission)

A failure of two hard drives last week has turned up the fact that the two vendors supposedly providing tape backups for the city's computer system data have not successfully produced usable tapes for many months (or years?). The city is pursuing an attempt to recover data from the fail drives in the meantime. The city does have hardcopy backup documents of the data but would need to re-enter months (or years?) of data again manually if the data can not be recovered electronically. Action to get a viable backup system is also pending. Cost of data recovery from failed hard drives can be in the $8500 to $12K range. In the meantime the city has been unable to access city utilty records to send out bills for payment by June 10th. Possible stop gap measures are to allow customers to pay the same amount as last month's bill and resolve differences later. A possible extension of the June 10th due date is also pending. The city's new budget proposal data is also in limbo now. City email access is also temporaryly inactive. -- Ted 6/1/2009

Additional comment by Ted Wright (in purple)

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Closing Main Street For June 13th Hogs 'N' Hot Rods

Zoning Change NW Corner 10th & Spring For Duplex

Former Railway Access
At 8th & Main Updated
(at Jalepaneo Grill)

Hayes: Economic Development Contract Decision Tabled Again

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