Collinsville, Oklahoma
April 11, 2009
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Mail Box Changes Soon /
FCCLA Cookies & Garden Tools /
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Mail Drop Off Box Moving April 24th
The Collinsville Post Office has posted notices that one of the mail drop off boxes in the alley north of the Post Office will be eliminated and one will be moved to the northeast corner of the building by April 24, 2009.
I assume that will leave a "drive-thru" capability through the Post Office parking lot. -- Ted

I will also assume the reason for the move is the on-going poor condition of the alley (numerous deep pot holes). The City had asked the post office to share alley pavement improvement costs or move the boxes from the alley. (Previous Coverage Aug 2008 & March 2008)
Cookies To Nursing Home
Residents at Collinsville's nursing home had cookies to munch on Thursday April 9th thanks to students from the nearby high school in Miss Fahrion's 2nd hour FCCLA class .
These are just a few of the CHS students that delivered cookies to the nursing home. Front Row L-R: Ashley Boggs and Bea Chang. 2nd Row: Stephanie Herman, Slyvia Garcia, Jasmine Robles, and Audra Shafer. 3rd Row: Jennifer Andrews and Jessica Slyvester.
Previous Coverage: May 2008 & April 2008

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Garden Tools Needed
We love to do things for the advancement of the community, our school and FCCLA (it's just what we do!). But what you may not realize is that we are not that well off financially.To do these things we love, and provide a more regular flow of income to FCCLA, we (THE green thumbs of FCCLA) have decided to plant a produce garden here on campus with the permission of our principal. The produce is to be sold at the local farmer's market and any extra is to be donated to those who need it most. We have one small obstacle in our plan though! We don't have ANY tools! We would be willing to do odd jobs (even hard labor) in exchange for new/used tools or the cash to buy them.

Thank you, Sara Lisowski (4/8/2009)
Community Plant Swap April 18th
Dear Ted,
Our children's classes and youth are sponsoring a Plant Swap at Meadowcreek United Methodist Church on Saturday, April 18. It will run from 9-10:00 in the parking lot. In case of rain, we will meet inside the church.
This Plant Swap is open to anyone and everyone in the area.
With so many families planning to have a garden for the first time this year, we thought this would be a good idea. If anyone has plants---for either a vegetable garden or flower garden--they can swap them with other gardeners.
If families do not have plants to swap, we'll give them plants. The children and youth planted seeds several weeks ago. We will have those plants available to give away. No one will leave empty handed.

Linda Wilson (4/10/2009)