Collinsville, Oklahoma
April 22, 2009
Letter To The Editor

Citizen Disagrees With City Annexation Of Highway 169

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Dear Editor,

I’m writing this letter so that I may inform the citizens of the city I was born and raised in, so that I may educate the uninformed.

To my disbelief I recently overheard the City of Collinsville is in the process of annexing highway 169 from 126th street North to the Rogers County Line. From everything I know of this poorly managed city, the city has no business policing this area. To think the already understaffed city cops are going to be running radar on a highway, which is perfectly patrolled by the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, instead of patrolling our streets and protecting our assets is completely absurd. Let this be known I am not happy with this decision and I’m losing faith in our local government. In economical times such as these when crimes rates nationwide are skyrocketing, you’d think someone in charge would care about the citizens of his beloved city.

Concerned citizen

Ted Wright (i.e. the editor) Note:
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See the 4/20/2009 city commission meeting for the 3-2 vote that approved the annexation.
Also Note: An ordinance is the next step in the annexation process and I'd recommend any citizen on either side of this topic (or any other city topic) to attend the commission meeting and voice their opinion at the public hearings which are rarely attended by the general public.
This is in regards to the highway annexation. I am sure that the City of Collinsville has great intentions, but we in the community have yet to see them. I have lived in Collinsville for 25 yrs. I feel that the residents of the city of Colllinsville should be allowed to have some say and be heard when certain agendas are at large. But it seem that when it is something that the city officials really want, they go into executive session with it. But that is the way it is! I think that what needs to be brought to everyones attention that by annexing the highway the city will be leaving a lot to be unprotected at several different times of the day and night. The city of collinsville is not staffed to handle what they are wanting to take on. I for see this being like several other things that it was done on impulse and not review. They will not only be taking on the law enforcement side of this but the lawn maint., fire, and ems. They are looking at the revenue I am sure that the city would recieve from gainging access of the highway by tickets that will be given out. But what about the expenses that are going to be put out in order to maintain the Right of Way and the man power for the rest of the town to get the proper coverage that it derserves. Its time that the City of Collinsville get recognized for the town it used to be and not the speed trap that it is going to be with this annexation. R.R.C. (4/23/2009)
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