Collinsville, Oklahoma
December 31, 2008
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New Herald Classrooms /
Apple Eating Squirrel (Really!) /
Heat Seeking Cat?

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2009 CHS Senior Pages Preview:

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Ready For Winter
This obviously well fed squirrel was sitting in a tree in my yard Wednesday eating an apple. You'll have to trust me on that, as is usually the case, by the time I got the camera from inside the house the apple was half eaten and dropped to the ground next to my barking dog.
-- Ted 12/31/2008
Cold Cat?
I can offer no explanation to why "Mama Cat" has suddenly decided that laying on the metal floor furnace grate at my house is a good idea? I've always kept it cold in the house just to save energy expenses and she normally prefers a soft chair or rug. She is still hopefully smart enough not to be there while the furnace is on, but I've been seeing her there between heating cycles the past 3-4 days. -- Ted Wright 12/31/2008
Eight new classrooms at Herald Elementary are starting to take shape west of the existing building with the slab and steel framework now in place. The classrooms are scheduled to be in use next fall. (Previous Coverage)
Parking has improved recently at Herald Elementary with the new lot on the east side of the building completed for about a month now.