Collinsville, Oklahoma
December 9, 2008
All City Band Festival

Collinsville Bands
Beginning - Middle School - High School Performed Winter Concert Tuesday

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canceled by ice storm
2008-09 Band Index & All-District

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Cameron Storm, Kelci Lewis, Jenifer Lutz & Michael Kirwin
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The Collinsville High School Band (Directed by Ron Lewis)
The Collinsville Middle School Band (Directed by Richard Newhart)
Bruce Roberts directing the CHS Band
(Intern Director) Trent Robinson
Ted Wright Note: I was delayed by an unexpected city meeting and then a missing ice scraper so missed the beginning band's performance completely Tuesday. I will include their names below from the program and possibly at least a photo from practice in the next few days.

Beginner Band

Jacenda Carroll
Summer Dawson
Valley Horton
Amanda Johndrow
Kendra Mason
Kalie McAfee
Micaela Rush
Heather Schaffner

Aundrea Aylor
Kirsty Blevins
Kelsi Boyce
Sarah Buser
Joey Downs
Hunter Heape
Megan House
Caroline Patton
Colten Stevens

Garrett Dennison
Jakeb Glaus
Ashlee Goode
Trevor Gray
Jimmy Harrison
Hannah Haskell
Zachary Kowena
Kevin Lira
Michala McKinney
Devon Rye
Ryan Przybsz-Szentes
Calvin Vogel

Blake Branch
Casey Campbell
Anthony Gomez
Sam Guinn
Jonathan Lord
David Moua
Jordan Murphy
Steven Ramsey

French Horn:
Troy Stanczak

Clay Beagles
Deianira Conte
Deontaye Gaines
Elizabeth Means
Jacob Murphy
Zach Reed

Middle School Band

Kaeley Bacher
Damia Collis
Bree Cross
Bailey Odom

Darren Anderson
Serenitey Carlin
Eric Shockley
Casey Stoner
Kayce Thetford
Cody Winton

Alto Sax: Elizabeth Caputo
Brandon White

Oboe: Mati Bird

Alyson Byers
Colton Davis
Amanda Florea
Tyler Lutz
Will Means
Travis Moore
Richard Moua
Asa Plett

Quaid Durham

French Horn: Josh McBlair +

Rachel Griffin +
Dustin Niclols +

Jonah Clark +
Garrett Scott

Jeffrey Hamm
Chandler Hunt
Joey Lisowski
Zachery Pasco
Blayke Storm

+ All District Band Members

High School Band

Michaela Bocock +
Stephanie Elmore
Stephanie Harrold
Taylor Lemke
Jenifer Lutz
Tiffany McKay
Emily Phillips
Shelby Rasmussen +
Amanda Taylor
Haley Taylor

Keli Boyd
Justin Byers
Paisley Eberle +
Emily Fuller +
Kara Gerber
Samantha Harrold
Jamie Holloway
Rachel Mayes
Jasmine Majia
Joshua Thompson

Casey Collins
Kelsey Novotnak +

Shelbi Brown
Shelby Craig

Bass Clairnet:
Mallorey Fritz
Justin Whaley

Alto Sax:
Laura Cooper
Merrisa Jennings
Lydia Plett
Katie Sowards

Tenor Sax:
Landon Whaley

Bari Sax:
Avery Richburg +

French Horn:
Victoria Collier
Cole Day
Stacye Dick +*
Jared Glaus
Allie Raper

+ All District Band Members & * All-State
CHS continued

Shawn Burns
William Counts
Robert Henderson
Hunter Ingram
Kelci Lewis
Cody Loggins
Matiah Nickell
Devin Sharitt
Jonathan Sirmon

Shannon Aman
James Gregory
Jason Johndrow +
Alex Sears

Coulton Ousley
Cameron Storm +*
CHS continued

Kody Compton +
Landon Coulter
Blake Stites

String Bass
Chance Jones

Tyler Fellinger
Bobby Hamilton
Cassie Hewett
Michael Kirwin
Justin Loggins
Ridge Rainer
Mitchell Reynolds
Gavin Rose
Taylor Sears
Josh Starr