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June 5, 2007
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Letter To The Editor
Dear Editor and the Citizens of District 11

Thank you for the honor of serving you in the Oklahoma House of Representatives. As Americans and as Oklahomans we are truly blessed to have a system of government in which citizens are able to elect their leaders at the ballot box and hold them accountable every election year.

On Friday, May 25, Oklahoma's House of Representatives wrapped up the year's legislative session. When we look back on this session, I believe we will see it as a positive one that benefited Oklahomans of all walks of life.

We crafted a solution for the state's cash-strapped teacher retirement system, and we made it easier for students to obtain a college degree. We passed new provisions to protect Oklahomans from dangerous offenders. Perhaps most significantly, we championed fiscal responsibility by passing a state budget that actually cuts the size of state government, restrains future government growth, and encourages state agencies to serve the public more efficiently. The people's business was completed in a timely fashion by not dragging things out into a costly special session.

Your direct input, which I appreciate greatly, allows me to take the voices of District 11 to the Capitol. The job of lawmaking is not one that I take lightly, and I am grateful each and every day for the opportunity to serve you. Working together, we can carry Oklahoma towards her next centennial celebration as one of the top states in the nation for education, economy, family values, and government accountability.

I am now back in the district and look forward to visiting with you. Please know that you are welcome to contact me anytime. My home phone number is 918-336-4855 or you can contact me at my e-mail address

Earl Sears
State Representative District 11
June 4, 2007

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The Oklahoma Legends were in an Owasso Scholarship Tournament this last weekend and took 2nd place in 14 and under. Here is a picture of the team and one of the 3 girls from Collinsville (Emily Varner, Kassidy (Butch) Murphy, and Kristina (Mighty Mouse) Shearer) All of these girls have done a great job and have worked very hard. They will have qualified to go to Nationals in July. We are very proud of all of these girls.

One proud mom,
Carolyn Jensen (June 4th, 2007)

Graduated 50 Years Ago!
The Collinsville High School Class of 1957 will be the featured class this year at the annual Nifty Fifties Reunion at the Middle School Saturday evening June 9th, 2007. Contact Ron Evans if you have any reunion questions.
I could not read all of the names from the class photo above but have a list of the 1957 graduates: Anna Blackwood, Margaret Collins, Geraldine Driskill, Dessie Evans, Marjorie French, June Gaddy, Marbeka Greece, Dorthy Grigson, Myrna Hadley, Pat Hancock, Patty Harrington, Barbara Henson, Judy Lewis, La Veta McCullough, Carol McDouglet, Virginia McDoulet, Sharon Roberts, Laura Sheehan, Marie Smaligo, Barbara Smalygo, Jo Ann Troglin, Carmella Vietri, Garrett Bowman, J. C. Bryson, Ted Davis, William Davis, Bill Downing, Junior Green, Garrett Haiflich, Tommy Polson, Elmer Pope, harlie Tail, Linda Proctor, Opal Stewart.
I have a bunch of prints for the 2007 CHS graduates that can be purchased at the Newspaper Museum. Some as low as $1. Contact Ted Wright.