Collinsville, Oklahoma
July 27, 2007
Miscellaneous News
S-Curve Still A Problem /
Football Boosters Meet /
Volleyball Practice /
Help Library With Recycling /
Gas Price
CHS QB Club Meeting
The Collinsville Quarterback Club is having a meeting Monday, July 30, 7pm at the High School. Anyone interested is invited to attend.

During the last meeting, the club elected officers for the 2007 CHS football season.

President - Debbie Kite
President-elect - Darla Rasmussen
Secretary - Kendra Salisbury
Treasurers - Kurtis Kite, Donita Lowe
Trustees - Darenda Chester, David Chester, Chasidy Coulter, Mark Coulter, Ron Scott

Thank you,
Kurtis D. Kite (7/26/2007)

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More Paper To Reycle?
The Collinsville Llibrary is 11.6 tons away from their goal of 28.7 tons of recycled paper. The library will be awarded $1,000 for their efforts if they achieve a 40% increase over last summer's recycling totals. The final day to collect paper is August 28, 2007.

Paper Retriever, the recycling mascot, will be at the Collinsville Library on Saturday, August 4th to greet the children and encourage all of Collinsville to recycle paper.

Clean out all those magazines you have been saving, recycle all your newspapers, church bulletins, school papers, office paper (put all shredded paper in a bag to keep it from scattering), get rid of all those out of date catalogs, flyers from your mail, old store coupons, etc.etc.etc. PLEASE do not include plastic, glass, metals, trash, or old phonebooks.

We appreciate your help and will be on hand from 10:00-5:00 on Saturday, August 4th to help you unload your paper. The recycling bins are located in the alley behind the Collinsville Library, 1223 W. Main. The bins are open 24 hours a day....7 days a week.

Help the environment by recycling.

For more information: CV Library 596-2840
CHS Volleyball practice has begun (with the freshman girls shown in these photos at the middle school Wednesday morning). Keli Harrell will be the CHS girls volleyball head coach this year with Art Smalyago coaching the junior high girls. (Previous Coverage)
Can't be fixed soon enough! -- The S-Curve claimed more accident victims Thursday just before 5:30pm July 26th.
(Sept 2006 Status) & (Dec 2005 4-to-Fix Vote)
Gas prices are back down under $3 per gallon again. (Previous Coverage at $3.19 July 11th)