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Collinsville, Oklahoma
Jan. 11, 2006
2006 (& 1983) Predictions
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What Do You Expect This Year
... For Collinsville?

Bill Roten's
Predictions For 2006

(RCB Bank)

The year 2006 should see interest rates level as the Federal Reserve completes the "soft landing" of the economy. Although interest rates have increased from the lowest rates since the 1950's they are still lower than five years ago.

There are significant funds available for homes and businesses to keep the economy moving at a reasonable pace. Employment should remain stable without a larger than normal level of unemployed. The economy is getting back to a more normal trend since the events of 9-11.

It seems as though the war is scaling down and some troops will be coming home as the numbers needed decline.

Collinsville is very positive. Setting between two major highways Collinsville is certainly a City of Opportunity. Excellent schools, wonderful churches and great banks make our city attractive. The year 2006 will yield positive solid and controlled growth.

Bill Roten -- Jan. 2006

Note: I have requested 2006 predictions from all 3 Collinsville banks but we had only one bank in 1983 to compare with. I'm glad Bill submitted his prediction first as RCB Bank is at least in the same building as the former American Exchange Bank which Pat Flanagan was working from in 1983. I have not heard from Pat since I returned to town in 1999. -- Ted -- 1/11/2006

Bill Roten is at the far right of the group sworn in Dec. 5th, 2005 as the new Collinsville Economic Development Authority.