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Collinsville, Oklahoma
Dec. 12, 2006
Miscellaneous News
VCO Basket Weaving Class / CHS CIA Projects /
Next Christmas /
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Alice Wilder teaches the art of basket making to Debbie Hotwagner.
A class to promote Cherokee heritage was held by Victory Cherokee Org. on Nov. 27th. Alice Wilder taught the participants the art of basket weaving taught to her by her Cherokee grandmother. Corn husk dolls and corn husk angels were also made by the group.

VDO meetings are the second Tuesdays monthly at 6:30pm. The Tuesday Dec. 12th meeting will also include a Christmas Dinner and auction. Photos supplied by Danny Stanley. (Previous Coverage)
Rachel shows Mary Burr how to make her basket.
The CIA (Cards In Action group at CHS) is currently helping with the Blue Star Mother's program to supply our troops with amenities. They are also making wreaths for the nursing home residents. Tara Inbody has been in charge of this project. They will deliver wreaths to the nursing home sometime next week. (Previous Coverage)
Next Christmas (Starts Now!!)
Hi, Ted. I was wondering if you could run the bit about accepting donated Christmas items for the 2007 "Christmas Drive-Thru at the Park" again. You ran it on Nov. 10th.
I know this seems very early, but Christmas decorations aren't on everyone's mind all year long. (Tis the season and all!) Besides, it's going to take a lot of effort and items to be able to kick it off next year.

The outside decorations at the library was the work of the Garden Club. Everything there was from our small stockpile of donated items. Thanks for all you do!

Vicki Guinn
Collinsville Garden Club
Just Wondering??
I received an opened and empty envelope from one of the Collinsville banks in my mail delivery Saturday Dec. 2nd. The bank pointed out the postmark was back in April and they recommended I check with the post office. My carrier remembered the envelope being already opened when it was received at the post office recently and had no way to trace it's path for the previous nine months. The bank did mention they had been notified of some other "old" postmarked mail deliveries recently. So, I'm left wondering if there has been a federal crime committed; or someone tried to do me a favor and put an old envelope that blew out of the trash at some point back in the mail; or just a not-so-funny practical joke? Any similar experiences out there? -- Ted Wright
Photo Archive Search Deadline Dec. 31st
If you want to order a $35 CD with photos of an individual from the archives, now is the time. I will begin a search through all my photos in Jan. 2007 as I work on the web pages for the 2007 seniors that will appear online in April. -- Ted Wright