Collinsville, Oklahoma
Dec. 7, 2006
Challenge To City
Thank You To Our Protectors
Email Letter Reveived
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Ted's Comments:
Note: I received the email letter (left) for viewers and the City last night. I have forwarded a copy to the City Manager for a potential reply.

As I often do, I will add my own thoughts on the subject and concur with the outstanding job our EMS folks do everyday under less than perfect conditions. One recent improvement (thanks to the opening of the 1st of 2 Owasso hospitals) is a much faster turn-around time to both get a patient to an ER as well as get the ambulance back in service after a run. In non-emergency runs the patient still has the choice of Tulsa or Owasso (or Claremore) hospitals. Those who attended the Chamber of Commerce meeting today heard the City Manager and Mayor list the many grants and funding sources being persued to help keep the city advancing. High on the City's wish list were a new fire engine and ambulance, but there are needs in all departments. I agree the challange extends to the citizens in addition to the City. -- Ted Wright -- 12-7-2006
Ted, I would like to extend a challenge the City of Collinsville and its great citizens to be more involved with our public safety. Collinsville EMS has been all over the news lately with how they are barely being able to serve this community. I would like to know what is the city doing to help this problem?? Many of us have had tragedy in our lives where we have had to put our lives and the lives of our loved ones in their hands. Sometimes, they are able to save the very loved ones we cherish. How often are we able to show our thanks to those brave men and women who risk their lives driving in rough conditions to come to our aide. I have recently heard that Collinsville EMS has moved to a Basic EMT service. I myself am a EMT and I know the limitations of a EMT-Basic.

My challenge is to the city of Collinsville and its citizens. These are ours protectors, someone there when we need them most. I know that they do not make that much money, like barely enough to support their families. I want to give a thanks to those men and women and ask the city to do the same. These are our lives! If you are dying don't you want the best and the best equipment?? I want to challenge the city of Collinsville to give the EMS what they need to protect us. Whether it is more hourly wages or just a new defibrillator. Collinsville help your self. Lets quit risking our lives and help Collinsville EMS be the best they can be!

Concerned Citizen
The email letter below has nothing to do with the topics above ... but I had a convenient empty space here just as I read this compliment. -- Ted -- 12/7/2006
Dear Ted,

My family lives in Collinsville and the internet is the best way for me to keep up with them and the area events. I read your site and have tickled them by knowing what is going on in town before they do. I really liked it when over the last week you had the pictures of mainstreet with the snow and decorations so I could see what the weather is like there.
I really like your website as it allows me to stay connected with my absent family.

Tina Michael
Orlando, Florida
City Manager's Comments:
Ted, thank you for forwarding this message on to me. I do appreciate it. I will try to answer this heartfelt letter to the best of my ability.

We would love for our citizens to be more involved with public safety. And I’d like to say that some citizens are very involved. A case in point is Shelby Phelps. Shelby has been raising funds to help purchase the EMS Department a new cardiac monitor. She has raised approximately $4,000. Shelby’s mother, Nancy Phelps, EMS Director Elizabeth Sullivan and I met last week to discuss where we were in the process, other funding sources, a date to purchase the monitor, etc. Nancy had spoken to Buel Anglen, District 1 Cherokee Commissioner, who has offered to match dollar for dollar the amount raised by Shelby. We have already spoken with a vendor and believe that the unit we need will cost approximately $8,000 - $10,000. The city will make up the difference in the cost. This is a great example of citizen involvement.

The city has also just purchased a new ambulance and plans are in the works to have a second new one by the middle of January. Our EMS and fire departments are housed in a brand new state-of-the-art facility.

And yes, we are a basic service, but there is nothing wrong with this. There are several other surrounding small cities that have gone to the basic service. We need more paramedics. This training is long and strenuous. We have plans underway to get back to the next level of service. Our EMS personnel are some of the best. And with two hospitals recently opened in Owasso, our response time will be even better than it already is.

So yes, if you see one of our EMS, police, or fire department personnel while you are out and about, please tell them thank you for a job well done. They put their lives on the line every day for each one of us. The City of Colllinsville which includes the EMS, Fire, Police, and other departments has come a long way in the last year and a half. But there is always room for improvement and we are striving every day to make each department the best it can be. If we all continue to work together, we will be successful.

I appreciate the concerned citizen and hope that more citizens will get involved because we have a city to be proud of.

Merry Christmas to All

Pam Polk

City Manager (12-7-2006)