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Ted Wright -- last update 8/21/2006
Collinsville, Oklahoma

City Commission Meeting
August 21, 2006
Ambulance Emergency
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With both City ambulance units currently out of service (motor and transmission problems) the city commissioners authorized the city manager to either purchase (or lease) a new ambulance as soon as possible. In the meantime the city is using an ambulance on loan from Claremore and mutual aid from neighboring communities. Continued repairs on the existing 1996 and 1998 units (both with at least 150,000 miles) was deemed not a good investment nor a reliable option. Approximately $20,000 was spent in the past year keeping the two units rolling. One estimate for a new ambulance given the commissioners was approximately $82,000. An estimate to remount one of the existing ambulance "boxes" on a new vehicle was about $60,000 but the box would need to be brought up to current regulations. -- Ted


The Collinsville City Commission met Monday, Aug. 21th at 7pm (at the City Hall Community Room, 106 N 12th Street) for a regular meeting of the City Commission and Municipal Authority.

Ted Note: with the city clerk position vacant ... I didn't get my normal digital copy of the agenda (again). The official copy of the agenda is posted outside city hall ... and I will just sumarize below.

====== Collinsville Municipal Authority (Agenda): =====
*Consent agenda
City Manager's report -- Pam Polk reported on the following topics:

* City Attorney's report -- Nothing to report

* Amending the employee retirement system of the City allowing fully vested employees the benefit of accured unused sick leave to be counted towards retirement time.
-- Approved ... this CMA action matches the same action on the city side at last meeting.

====== Collinsville City Commission (Agenda): =====

* Establishing the National Incident Management System (NIMS) as the standard for incident management in the City of Collinsville. -- approved
* Ordinance 788 ... amending city code ... providing for a fluctuating power cost assessment to be assessed by the City Manager for the fluctuating cost of wholesale power. -- approved -- just an update to clarify the code to match what the city has been doing for years.
* Discussion and action concerning the purchase of an ambulance (see top paragraph)


Amending City Code For Assessment of Fluctuating Cost of Wholesale Power