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Crimson Cadet Boulevard?
Sept. 24, 2005
Mayor Honored Instead?
Please Honor Both!!
The Mayor certainly deserves to be honored but not by removing a sign honoring another deserving group of Collinsville citizens. I am still dissappointed with the lack of proper signage for the 2001-2002-2003 State Championship Bands and this apparent mistake gives me occassion to renew that concern. -- Ted Wright 9/24/2005
9/23/2005 Viewer Email:
Crimson Cadet Boulevard?
What happened there? Sad that so many kids worked so hard for so many years to receive an honor like that just to have it striped away. What a nice thing for the "Small Town Mayor of the Year" to do to those kids. And if he is not the one that did it, he needs to be the one to fix it! Shame on you Collinsville!
For those that may be new to town the Collinsville High School Band (Crimson Cadets) accomplished something no other Oklahoma school has come even close to ... by not only winning their own state classification for 10 consecutive years but also the next higher classification for 9 of those years. -- Ted
Monday Sept. 26 update from City Manager Pam Polk: Ted, the sign for the mayor is only temporary! The spot was the quickest we could find after finding out he was chosen. We have ordered other signs that will go up in a permanent location. The mayor had nothing to do with it, as a matter of fact, his first question concerned this very thing and I assured him that it was only temporary and that the crimson cadet sign was going back up. I would appreciate it if you would put this info on your website. City staff just wanted to give him some recognition for being chosen, he has done, and continues to do a lot for Collinsville. We didn’t think that it would hurt for a couple weeks. Again I respectfully request that you put this info on the web site.

The City of Collinsville has always been behind the band and will continue to do so.

TY, Pam Polk, Collinsville City Manager

Just heard today the Crimson Cadet Sign has been back up for a few days -- Ted -- Fri Sept. 30
The Band Performs at the Owasso Marching Contest tomorrow at 2:30pm -- Ted 9/30/05