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Collinsville, Oklahoma
July 5-7, 2005
Miscellaneous News
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Lazy Squirrel / Chilli Cookoff /
Future City Park Plans /
Mystery 11 / Middle School Parking

City Park Redevelopment Plans
Members of a citizen's group (Vision 2025 funds for neighborhoods) listen to representatives from Paddock Enterprises (pools) and Land Plan Consultants at a preliminary meeting in May. The next meeting will be a public forum at the Library July 13th at noon. A master concept plan for the entire Collinsville City Park will be presented. That plan will include a proposal for a new pool, hiking trail, small lake, parking, replacing the Kiwanis hut, ...etc. Your input to the process would be appreciated. To RSVP for the lunch contact Dr. Susan Babbitt 630-8832. (Link forward)
Meadowcreek United Methodist Church men's group will be hosting the first annual "SUMMER HEAT CHILI COOK-OFF" August 27th from 9:00am-1:30pm at the church.Entry deadline is Aug.22nd @ 5:00pm / entry fee is $15 per person or team, entry forms may be picked up at Meadowcreek UMC. Tasting kits will be available for $5 per person. Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd, also for people's choice. All proceeds from the event will go toward our outreach and missions projects.
Mystery #11 (Solved)
7/6 Hint: Both buildings used to be on the same block.
7/7 Hint: Kids started attending one building in 1971 and kids stopped attending the other in 2005.
7/8 Hint: See photo at the bottom of page.
7/9 Hint: See another new photo below.
7/13 Hint: I ran the same roll of film through the camera twice (double exposure).

I've gone to my 1971 archive of photos for this mystery. The two black & white photos above are actually 4 different shots. Other than adding my logo these photos are not digitally altered. To win the mystery #11 contest, I needed the following 4 answers:

  1. How a double image was obtained on film.
    (I ran the same roll of film thru the camera twice)
  2. What building is shown in the cat photo.
    (Middle School building at 15th & Spring)
  3. What building is shown in the flower photo.
    (former Middle School Annex at 14th & Spring ... also former Central School Building)
  4. The name of the flower. (Tiger Lilly)

The first 3 correct entries won a prize from Ms. Nancy's Shaved Ice. (Note: Mystery 10 winners are welcome to try for fun, but let someone else claim the prizes this time). -- Ted 7/5

Susan Catlett & Mystery Man have submitted correct answers (7/6) but three prizes at Ms. Nancy's Shaved Ice are still available. Ted 7/7
Sharon Kirwin & Elizabeth Sullivan have submitted a combined entry with the correct answers. Lori Moore emailed the correct answer Sunday 7/10. Justin Howard is the 3rd and final winner 7/14.
Forms for the revised parking on the south end of the middle school block are taking shape this week. When the new building on the north end of the block is completed, the administrative offices and the main entrance will move there. The middle school building above was built in 1971.
Hint 4: This is a "Tiger Lilly".