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Mystery Photos Update
Jan. 31, 2005
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Collinsville Mystery Photo #2

Hint1: It is NOT at the old City Hall / Fire Station. Hint2: It is a recent photo of part of the back of a downtown building built in 1916 and damaged by a 1940 tornado. Hint3: You can see it from Broadway or the Education Services Center (ESC) parking lot.

No more email for #2 please (2/2).

Susan Catlett has emailed the only correct location for mystery photo #2 so far (1/31). Karen White and Elizabeth Sullivan have now correctly identified this building also (2/1).
Mystery Photos ... Just For Fun
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Mystery Photo #3 -- Even though photo #2 (below) seems to have all but one stumped so far, I'm gonna make this one even harder. Photo #3 above was NOT taken in Collinsville, but rather facing towards Collinsville on a new highway under construction many years ago. If necessary, I'll add a new hint every day or so until two folks email the correct location.
-- Ted Wright (Jan. 31, 2005)

(Angie Shoulders has correctly identified the location with no hints -- 2/1)
(Bob Wolfram is the second winner for mystery photo #3. -- 2/1)
The same location today would be in the city limits of one of our neighboring communities (2/1). Hint2: Photo was taken in Owasso, what street runs under the bridge in the fore ground of the photo? (2/2) ... I'll take one more correct email.
Just for fun email ... wrightted@aol.com if you know where the photo above was taken.

Collinsville Mystery Photo #1

No more email for #1 please (2/2).

Doug Wakefield & Susan Catlett were first to email this location correctly. Karen White had the 3rd correct identification (2/1).

When you are through guessing ... click for the correct locations for mystery photos #1-2-3 .