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Collinsville Chamber of Commerce
Oct. 2 , 2003 -- Meeting at Library
City Manager Reports
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Chamber President Marilyn Hardacre indicated that the final paper work on the Chamber's new office location would likely be signed within a week. The Chamber had 2 or 3 cases of frozen hamburger patties left from Founder's Day that they wanted to sell to free up freezer space. The Chamber's current project is a "Basket Giveaway". $1 donations for the baskets, which will be given away at the Halloween Parade on October 31st, go towards new flags to replace the old Christmas decorations on Main Street.

Mike Tinker was the speaker for today's Chamber of Commerce meeting. He gave a quick summary of the highlights in each city department during his ten months as Collinsville's City Manager.

Electric Dept. --
* Auger pulsating truck purchased
* Infrastructure work for Southfork III electricity
* Monday's switch from AEP/PSO to GRDA (outage less than a minute)
* Switch was via a temporary mobile substation ... with another short outage anticipated next week to the permanent equipment
* Billing still reflects AEP/PSO rates

Water Treatment --
* Continued updates & improvements
* Large water tower painted and Cardinal lighted
* Unused small water tower removed

* Maintaining aged system

Street Dept.--
* Highway 169 overpass cleanup/maintenance (try to keep city entrance looking nice ... also tree planting on Highway 169 frontage ... additional sponsors needed
* Traffic control for numerous events
* New reflectors on S-curve
* Curb recovery (from under dirt/grass) ... pole/sign painting
* Plans for 5th & Main (stop light & turn lanes) ready for discussion with ODOT

Fire Dept.--
* Patiently waiting for facilities
* Will be beside rennovated City Hall ... 2 separate sleeping areas with common kitchen area anticipated ... direction of existing garage building will likely change

Park Dept.--
* Natural amphitheatre being developed. Bridge complete ... electricty run to mound (for lights and sound) ... will build stage eventually.

City Hall Administration--
* "FISH" program helps create more satisfied customers

Recycling Center--
* Decommissioned recycling center ... discussions with MET group for future.

Police Dept.--
* Reference Chief's report at last Chamber meet. Expect to announce an open house soon for the new police station.

Emergency Medical Services (EMS)--
* This group took the hardest budget cuts (including layoffs) and continued to provide excellent service.

* Complaints are rare while dealing with folks at sensitive times.

Planning / Development--
* Several significant project in early stages. Not much housing inventory to market this year ... expect increase soon.

City Hall Rennovation--
* Voters approved Vision 2025 funding ... which will be available in 2004.
* Buildings plans are still in early stages. Anticipate asking City Commission to approve current "Concept" architect (Jim Graber) as "Design" architect.
* When asked to clarify the phrase "demolition of the city hall building" used in the Sept. 24th "Collinsville News", Tinker indicated that it involved stabalizing and cleaning out the interior of the structure. The remaining historic exterior walls will not be load bearing. The new second floor (and roof) will rest on I-beams of a new interior structure. Tinker did caution that if closer inspection found problems with the integrity of the exterior walls, the plan would be reassessed.
* When asked if the new "Community Center" would have a stage (which the Melodrama group could utilize), Tinker indicated that could be looked into. The former fire engine bay area would be about a 32x50 feet open meeting area in the most recent version of plans.

Collinsville City Manager Mike Tinker, shows the architect's conceptual drawings of the City Hall Rennovation at the Chamber of Commerce meeting Thursday Oct. 2.