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City Commission Meeting
Nov. 17, 2003
New Development Planned Near Hwy 169 & 20

City Will Tell ODOT "No" to Removal of Stoplights
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All commissioners and the Mayor were present for the Nov. 17th City Commission meeting.

As part of a discussion about the planned stoplight and intersection improvements at 5th and Main, the commission renewed it's support for keeping the three stoplights in the main business district (at 10th, 11th & 12th Streets) despite ODOT's continued attempts to remove them. There was no vote ... but the Mayor, Commissioners, City Engineering and City Manager all voiced the need to keep those existing lights for safety reasons ... despite ODOTs traffic count analysis. The other wish, out the discussion, was that the City could get access (i.e. keys from ODOT) to retime the lights so they would be in sync for traffic at the posted speed limit. Commissioner Porter indicated that the City has tried unsuccessfully in the past to get those light synchronized, being blocked by ODOT each time.

An agenda item to consider an ordinance rezoning a property near Old Highway 169 & Highway 20 was requested to be held by the applicant (Beth Ann Langston), but the city did approve updating the comprehensive plan by resolution. The previous land use comprehensive plan had called for recreational open space due to proximity to the flood zone (of Black Jack Creek). The new plan allows commercial-office and residential.

The next two agenda items had appointments made by Mayor Sirmon and motions to approve made by Commissioner Porter die for lack of seconds. The Mayor reappointed all the existing member of the Planning Commission and Board of Adjustments who's terms had expired or were about to expire. On the Planning Commission that included Ellis Holly (Ward III), Jim Price (Ward IV), Marlin White (Ward II) and Sherri Davis (At Large). On the Board of Adjustments Gerald Branen (Ward III) was the only one near the end of his designated term. Mayor Sirmon said they were all doing a good job and wanted to remain in their position. Commissioner Sallee indicated he would like the public to be made aware these positions were opening and see if any other citizens were also interested in seeking the positions.

The City Manager's Report covered many topics, but two relating to the Police Department were highlighted. Mr. Tinker indicated that with the new Nextel towers in Collinsville, Skiatook & Owasso the local service was improved and indicated a potential cell phone use at crime scenes with a bar code/GPS system that might connect back to a dispatcher system. The other item was announced by Police Chief Annis and was a new system that the Collinsville Police could use to help reduce domestic violence cases. The system consists of a panic button system that a previous victim could have installed by ADT (if they agreed to testify and not allow the abuser back into their home) that could alert the police if the abuser approached them again.

Following an executice session discussion, the commissioners approved a settlement of $15,500 with Ryan Byrd.

All commissioners and the Mayor were present for the Nov. 17th Municipal Authority meeting.

The CMA trustees approved $3925 funding for a wastewater study relating to extending sewer service to the recently annexed Cooper Mesa property at Hwy 75 & 20.

CMA trustees Sallee, Overholt and Rogers approved $1500 payment to Collinsville Downtown, Inc. (3rd of 8 installments). Trustees Porter and Sirmon voted no.

Based on City Engineer Robert Carr's recommendation the trustees approved acceptance of construction, release of retainage and final payment of $1988 to Northern Equipment Co, Inc. for the lift station built at the new Methodist Church east of town.

-- Ted Wright -- Nov. 17, 2003's
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