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City Commission /
Municipal Authority Meet
(7pm) August 18, 2003

at City Annex
Mayor and All Commissioners Present.

Collinsville Municipal Authority (CMA) 8/18/2003 Results:

1). The consent agenda was approved. The biggest single claim included was $226,642.88 to American Electrical Power.

2). Following the successful Hog and Hot Rods (& other) fund raiser events, Collinsville Downtown Inc. has already passed $12,000 income this year. The City had historically (the past three years) matched those incoming funds monthly as they were raised/requested. Rather than submit a request to the City for the full $12,000 matching funds this physical year, Collinsville Downtown, Inc. suggested 8 fixed monthly payments of $1500. After discussion, and a request for monthly written and verbal status on Downtown, Inc. finances and activities, the commission voted to approve the recommendation. Trustee Pam Ported voted no, while Trustees Gail Rogers, Stan Sallee and Brad Overholt voted yes.

3). The Trustees & Commissioners all voted to approve a resolution endorsing and urging voter approval of all four propositions of the Vision 2025 program. Four upcoming Vision 2025 Informational Meetings have been scheduled (see the calendars for details): Aug 25 (7pm City Annex), Aug 26 (7pm Herald Elementary), Sept 2 (10:15am Cardinal Heights) and Sept 2 (7pm at Library).

4). A bid for $59,617.50 (from Ram Engineering & Construction) to do a slip-lined pipe sewer line repair from 9th to 12th between Maple & Walnut (alley), was approved. Pipe will be placed inside the existing sewer lines to avoid complete evacuation and replacement costs. New connections would then be made to the new pipe. According to City Engineer, Robert Carr, this project had been considered since a 1996 INCOG report and funding from the Dept. of Commerce was now available.

5). Action on a $1,172.41 claim from SBC (for damage to their line by the City while digging a hole for a new power pole) was tabled pending further investigation by the City Manager.


Collinsville City Commission 8/18/2003 Results:

1).Consent agenda was approved.

2. The City Commissioners approved an agreement with INCOG to pool their resources with neighboring communities in developing an Emergency Operations Plan. The City will use their $5K FEMA grant to pay INCOG for its assistance.

3). The closing of Main Street for the Tri-County Fair Parade was approved. Main will closed from 5th to 13th on Saturday August 23rd.

4). The Commissioner voted not to accept a donation from Fred Ramsey of a hand-make Merry-Go-Round for the City Park. Concerns over safety and liability of any equiment not specifically inspected or manufactured to meet Consumer Product Safety Commission regulations were cited. The City also agreed there was still work to be done on some other existing park equipment to be fully compliant with those same regulations. Mr. Ramsey, displeased with the discussion, left before the vote was taken.

-- Ted Wright -- 8/18/2003