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School Board Meet
(7pm) August 4, 2003

at Bank of The Lakes Community Room
Medication Policy set for elementary ... forms required for any medicines on campus (perscription or over the counter).
All board members were present: Ted Clark, Wendell Johnson, Jon Werthen, Donna Sears and Joe Hampton.
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Condensed / renumbered Aug 4th. 2003 School Board agenda / results:

1. Purchase order approvals & payment of purchase orders, funds & reserves, budgets, ...
-- Approved

2. Interaction of Collinsville Schools with and the Newspaper Museum in Collinsville -- Approved -- Ted Wright requested opportunities to make teachers/students aware of unique opportunities available to the school on the website, at the museum, or classrom presentations. Mr. Wright also requested permission to promote the website on school property in exchange for news coverage and promotion of the school, students and teachers.

3. Internet Usage Policy for Students -- Approved. The policy presented by Joe Ogden is similar to State Department's policy. Student & parent signatures are required on forms for any student needing internet access at school.

4. Internet Filtering Software -- Approved. Joe Ogden discussed the search over the past 2 years for effective software that was affordable. The filtering software found initially was in the $10,000 to $12,000 range. So the school opted to use free software as a stopgap measure. The software has now inproved in both quality and price. The school has recently purchased internet filtering software that should effectively block students from pornography and illegal sites "without overblocking". The software should allow specific sites to be allowed by the system administrator (Mr. Ogden) to be accessed that would otherwise be blocked due to content (e.g. CNN or MSN news site that include wording related to bombings or other terrorist activities). The software has been purchased for about $1200 and is expected to be fuly installed on all school internet computers by August 17th.

5.Three Year Technology Plan -- Approved. Joe Ogden presented a plan that was updated from the previous plan approved in 1997. The plan give the present state of computer technology as well as the goal of technology potential in each school. The 2003 budget request for upgrades totals $25,000. That figure could vary depending on grants and rate discounts that might reduce the schools expenditures.Condensed current status:
Herald Elementary: IBM computers, most outdated, none networked.
Wilson Elementary: has T-1 system, most classrooms have one networked workstation, Library-Media center has 6 networked computers with dial up access.
Middle School: computer lab is improving but still without internet access. One teacher workstation with dial up access.
High School: computer lab lacks internet. Computers will be out of date in a year. T-1 system has at least one computer per classroom.
Offices at the four campuses need new computers but three of the four are networked.

7. Activity Fund Raisers -- Approved.
-Volleyball (Art Smalygo, Sponsor) Mazzio Peeler Cards July 29-Aug 8 (for uniforms)
-Soccer (Joe Ogden, Sponsor) Car Wash Sept 6, 2003 (for activity expenses)

8. State Dept. of Education Accredidation Report for FY 2004 -- Each Collinsville School was accredited with no deficiencies found for the previous year.

7. Star Program with Tulsa Technology Center for FY 2004 -- Approved. A contract between the Collinsville High School and Tulsa Techonology Center for the Student Training and Reentry (STAR) Program. The students daily attendance is credited to Collinsville and Collinsville will reimburse $8.90 per student per day to Tulsa Technology.

8. Medication Policy -- Approved. The policy applies only to the elementary campuses where there is a nurse available to administer the medication (& paperwork). Other school staff can be designated to administer certain medications (given appropriate training) if the nurse is unavailable. Authorization forms are required and medication is to be delivered to the school health clinic for use during school hours. This includes both perscription and non perscription medications. This is a lengthy document with many exceptions which can't be covered here in a short paragraph. The policy was presented to the board by Corsair Thurman, the Wilson Elementary principal.

9. Transportation Insurance Bid for FY 2004 -- The approved bid was the only bid received. The bid was from Herb Weaver's State Farm Insurance for $13,751.22.

10. Auction of surplus items (via sealed bids) -- The high bid was accepted/approved for those items receiving bids (from about 6 individuals): $50 for a 1990 Ford Temp, $400 for an 1988 Chevrolet Pickup, $50 for a 1980 Dodge Van Sportsman, $75 each for a mower and a brush hog, and $150 for a 4ft aerator.

11. Resignations -- Accepted:.
a) Ellen Block, MS Reading Lab Teachers Aide
Gail Rogers, Bus Driver

12. Superintendant Pat Herald's Report -- Mr. Herald discussed the school's potential gain from the upcoming Vision 2025 ... and Mike Tinker, Collinsville City Manager also addressed the city's expected gain from passage of the sales tax proposition.

-- as I have passed the 24hour point in getting this page on the web site ... will stop here and add detail later ... hopefully including the open session (after extective session) which I missed and a bit more on Vision 2025.

-- Ted Wright 8pm 8/5/2003

--- Executive Session --

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