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City Commission Meet -- April 7, 2003
(Condensed Agenda on top) -- (Meeting Results below)
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...discussion and possible action ... reconstruction of historic city hall building ... as a community facility ...
...discussion and possible action ...partnering with Collinsville Downtown, Inc. for another three years ...
architect presentation ...

... closing Main St. for
"Support Our Troops" parade
... April 19

... closing Main St. for
2nd annual "Hogs 'N' Rods Car & Bike" Show...
Results: All 4 commissioners voted to approve the closing of Main Street on April 19 for the "Support Our Troops" parade and rally. Event insurance was recommended for the sponsoring group (Melodrama Maniacs) represented by Julie Dermody.

Results: Architect Jim Graber presented drawings for potential reconstruction of the historic city hall building (and Fire Dept. buildings to the west). City Manager, Mike Tinker read Resolution 03-01 which was approved. Commissioners Gross, Sallee & Rogers voted yes, while Commissioner Porter voted no. The resolution calls for the City manager to plan, budget and construct the historic City Hall building as a community facility ... in the spirit of the original structure. August 9, 2003 was set as a target date for a cornerstone ceremony (on the 90th anniversary of the original).

Results: The closing of Main Street for the (June 14th) Hogs 'N' Rods show was approved. Three Commissioners voted yes, while Commissioner Porter voted no. The vote followed a time-limited discussion in which all speakers approved of the basic car and motorcycle show. The major disagreement centered on the scope of the area where beer could be consumed. The event area was requested from the railroad tracks to 12th St. (but not including 12th) and to the alleys (but not including the alleys). The sponsoring organizations (Collinsville Downtown, Inc. and Greybeards) indicated their plan was to allow consumption in the entire event area. Four Collinsville ministers (and the Mayor) spoke in opposition to the planned area of allowed possession and consumption of beer. A request was made to place an agenda item on the April 21 City Commission meeting to further restrict that area.

Results: All four commissioners voted to approve the partnering with Collinsville Downtown, Inc. The wording was amended to a single year (instead of three) as that matched the budget cycle. There was no funding tied to this decision, as that will be decided later.

Text and photos by
Ted W. Wright

Also approved was the CG zoning / site plan for 602 W. Broadway.
New Collinsville Police Chief Charlie Annis was introduced at this April 7th City Commission meeting. Charlie joins the Collinsville force from a Highway Patrol background.
Note: At the April 8th Downtown Inc. meeting it was decided to limit the consumption area to the same area as last year.