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City Commission Meet
7pm) May 5, 2003

at City Annex
All commissioners were present except Stan Sallee.
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Condensed Agenda: ... most were for ... "consideration and possible action to approve" ...

* $14,200 bid to demolish 48,000 gallon elevated water tower (near 16th and Walnut)... (Approved) ... work to be done by Iseler Demolition, Inc ... within 180 days

* Raw Water Contract with Washington County Rural Water District No. 3.
(Action was delayed to allow further review and changes to the contract)

* Mission Statement for City of Collinsville...(Approved) ... see statement -->

* Interlocal agreement for jail services with the City of Owasso...(Approved)

* Closing South 13th Street (Main to alley next to Library) May 22 (3-4:30)
for kickoff of Teen Summer Reading Program ... (Approved) proved)

* June 7th as Collinsville Clean Up Day ... (Approved)

* "Discussion of City Charter changes in Sections of Articles II and XVIII concerning, but not limited to, staggered terms for offices; elections held by the Tulsa County Election Board; Repeal recall procedures and replace with State Statutes; and At-Large voter participation for all office holding."
(Detailed action on this matter will likely be delayed until July to allow city staff
o put full efforts into the upcoming budget process) ... next city election is ~11 months away

* final insurance settlement for City Hall/Fire Station...(Approved) ... $383,152.75

* discussed under new/emergency business ... (no motion)
ways to better control the bulk s
ale of water from city hydrants
to non-Collinsville merchants ... with required metering, authorization and ticketing
as possisble solutions

Mission Statement
City of Collinsville

Our QUEST is a continual journey to improve Quality, Understanding, Enthusiasm, Service, and Teamwork in all levels of the City of Collinsville by providing consistent, ethical, and quality performance with our customers, employees, and community. This will result in loyal, long term relationships.

We will respect each others opinions

We will operate within a positive, professional environment

We will reach for the best within ourselves

We will serve and support the community

We will provide an enriching, fulfilling, and rewarding
environment for our employees