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City Commission Meet
7pm) May 19, 2003

at City Annex
All commissioners and the mayor were present.
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Condensed Agenda: with notes by Ted Wright

MONDAY, MAY 19, 2003, AT 7:00 P.M.
1. Review of 2002/2003 budget and discussion of accounts concerning the 2003/2004 budget. [City Manager Mike Tinker walked the commissioners through highlights of the draft budget which still has several unknowns to be resolved. Tinker estimated the new budget (compared to this past year) would be flat or negative. He indicated the health insurance rates for city employees would be raised but the final amount had not yet been supplied by the provider. He discussed other changes in city operations being considered. One mentioned was the possibility of trash collection with 90-gallon containers for each customer. Another was possible consolidation of efforts between park, pool and cemetery work.] -- No commissioner action required.

2. Discussion and possible action to approve a Raw Water Contract with Washington County Rural Water District No. 3. This item was tabled pending a meeting to be held May 27 (6:30) for further resolution of details.

3. Consideration and possible action to award Carol Wilson a debit to her utility account in the amount of $25. [brief discussion of the circumstances of this reconnect charge and the fact that there were more than 50 other disconnects in the same timeframe ... some that had been delayed until after the cold weather had ended] -- Request Denied

4. Consideration and possible action to approve City participation during the Fourth of July fireworks. [Most of this discussion concerned the choice of location for this annual event. Many prefer the former location in the city park despite its limitations for parking and limits on fireworks due to trees and crowd separation. Last year's location north of town (5th and 156th St. N) has better (open) viewing and plenty of parking, but is not as traditional. Chamber of Commerce President Marilyn Hardacre indicated the chamber wanted to partner with the city and would likely have associated activities.] -- The commissioners approved expenditure (not to exceed $3500) for fireworks and to leave the location decision to the Chamber of Commerce.

5. New (Emergency) Business -- Citizen Mr.Ramsey requested that something be done about the rough railroad crossings on Main and Walnut. He wondered why the Broadway crossing could be fixed but not the other two? Mike Tinker indicated he would initiate contact with the Corporation Commission and ODOT to request improvements by the railroad.


1. Consideration and possible action to approve the purchase of two police units in the amount of $22,875.00. [The two vehicles which had used and maintained by the Kansas Highway Patrol were discussed. Police Chief Charlie Annis indicated there would be addition expense to make the cars street ready. The additional items were decals, radios, rear deck lights and penetrators. An additional police unit is expeceted by swaping the engine from a wrecked patrol car into an existing unmarked unit which would also need to be outfitted. Commissioner Gross expressed a desire to move toward purchasing new instead of used vehicles in the future as budgets would allow.] -- The purchase was approved.

2. Review of 2002/2003 budget and discussion of accounts concerning the 2003/2004 budget. [see the discussion above under Municipal Authority]

3. Consideration and possible action to approve payment to Traffic Engineering Consultants in the amount of $10,000 for a traffic signal design for the intersection of State Highway 20 and 5th Street. [The design would include survey and widening for turn lanes. No additional right of way is anticipated but there might be issues with the Northeast corner] -- Approved.

[Note: items 4-8 below were explained to be a neccesity to get grant money for sewer improvements and were approved with minimal discussion]
4. Designate the Mayor as the certifying officer under the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 to assume overall responsibility for the environmental review process. -- Approved.
5. Make a Finding of Categorical Exclusion/Exempt from Release of Funds Publication for the #10261 CDBG 01 Sanitary Sewer Improvement Program.-- Approved.
6. Authorize the Mayor to sign the Environmental Certification and Request for Release of Funds.-- Approved.
7. Approve an Antidisplacement Plan for the #10261 CDBG 01 Sanitary Sewer Improvement Program.-- Approved.
8. Approve a Resolution committing up to $7,972 to the CDBG project through CMA funds.
-- Approved.

9. Approve a Resolution approving participation in the Metropolitan Tulsa Home Consortium and Authorizing the Mayor to execute a Home Investment Partnership Act Consortium Agreement.[Provides low-interest loans to some residents. The rates are much better with these 19 agencies combined instead each of trying to negotiate their own.] -- Approved.

V. EXECUTIVE SESSION -- item withdrawn from the agenda as the city attorney was not present.