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City Commission Meet
7pm) June 16, 2003

at City Annex
All Commissioners and Mayor present ... along with many EMS employees
Note: The city budget was approved in a special session Wednesday June 18, 2003, ... with no items reduced or removed ... per my sources -- Ted
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Condensed Agenda: with notes by Ted Wright

MONDAY, June 16, 2003, AT 7:00 P.M.
0. Consent Agenda . [Minutes from June 2nd meeting + disbursements and payroll.] -- Approved

4. Change relocation date in City Manager contract from June 30, 2003 to July 15, 2003 per closing date on home purchase in Collinsville. [City Manager Mike Tinker indicated his Collinsville home purchase was being slightly delayed by the closing date on the sale of his Jenks home.] -- Approved

CMA agenda items 1-2-3 are identical to Regular Commission Meet below ...


0. Consent Agenda . [Minutes from June 2nd meeting + disbursements and payroll + two cemetery deeds.] -- Approved

1. Public Hearing on the proposed 2003-2004 fiscal year budget. -- Mike Tinker summarized the budget proposal highlights. Some of the key budget assumptions were no salary increases for city employees (unless contractually obligated ... i.e. fire and possible police depending on ongoing negotiations); cutting EMS staffing by 3 employees; decommission of the recycling center, immediate increases in water and trash rates; and likely increase in electrical rates. The proposed budget was published in the "Collinsville News" June 11th and is further summarized here as 5 category subtotals:
City of Collinsville [$
2495 delta ($1,884,526 revenue - $1,882,067 expenses)]
Collinsville Municipal Authority [$88,561 delta ($4,181,443 revenue - $4,092,882 expenses)]
Capital Improvements [$14,000 delta ($543,669 revenue - $529,669 expenses)]
99 Sales Tax [$0 delta ($260,000 revenue - $260,000 expenses)]
Sales Tax Reserve Fund [$0 delta ($260,000 revenue - $260,000 expenses)]

Only 2 citizens addressed the commission during the public's discussion time:
Sheri Davis expressed a concern that city employees would not receive raises and EMS would cut employees, while the city had funds budgeted for Collinsville Downtown, Inc. That amount budgeted is $12,500 and is still subject to approval (along with the entire budget) at a special City Commission Meet Wednesday at 7pm.
Mr. Sweeney expressed concern that trash rates were being raised, as he was dis-satisfied with his trash service.

2. Commission discussion on the proposed 2003-2004 fiscal year budget. -- Commissioner Pam Porter recommended lowering the amount to Collinsville Downtown, Inc. to $1000 and using the other $11,500 for other city uses. Commissioner Porter also asked about combining fire and EMS staffing. This lead to a lengthy discussion with EMS personnel inputs requested. Another budget concern discussed was the high number of EMS "treat but no transport" runs which used supplies but created no revenue to replinish those supplies.

3. Continued participation in the Oklahoma Municipal League (OML) and budgeting $1,907.27 for OML service fees in the 2003/2004 budget.. -- Approved

4. $17,893.80 Payment to Northern Equipment Co. for work to furnish and install Submersible Grinder for the City at the First United Methodist Church. -- Approved
[Note: this is at the new church location east of town.]

5. Executive Session ... for possible communication with City Attorney regarding pending investigations, claims and litigations ... discussion of personnel matter ... collective bargaining negotiations with local FOP lodge 133.-- No motions were made in open session following the executive session.