2012 Miss Collinsville at Miss Oklahoma Pageant
(Tawnie Goodwin)

The 2013 Miss Collinsville and Miss Collinsville Outstanding Teen Pageant will be Saturday, February 16th at Faith Fellowship Church in Collinsville at 6:30pm.

2008 Miss Oklahoma will be emcee
(Kelsey Cartwright Horton)

The 2012 Miss Collinsville (& Outstanding Teen)
Scholarship Pageant Was Held Saturday Jan. 28, 2012.

To enter a future pageant or for additional information contact:
Director Corbi Wells Goddard (corbidawn@yahoo.com)
Cell Phone: 918-850-4094
17554 N 115th E Ave. Collinsville, OK 74021

The 2012 Pageant was held at the Collinsville Faith Fellowship Church with Meighen Bradfield Graham as emcee. She is a former Miss Collinsville 1994 and Miss Oklahoma 1995.

Miss Oklahoma Link

2012 Miss Oklahoma Pageant (40th Annual) is June 2-9, with Friday the 8th being the "Teen" Final Competition, and Saturday June 9th the new Miss Oklahoma will be crowned at the Mabee Center in Tulsa.
Miss Collinsville Scholarship Pageant

Tawnie Goodwin
Miss Collinsville 2012

Summer Stolz
Miss Outstanding Teen Collinsville 2012

Tawnie Goodwin

Miss Collinsville 2012

Summer Stolz
Miss Outstanding Teen Collinsville 2012

Summer is a vocalist and sang "A Change In Me" from Disney's Beauty & the Beast. Her platform is "Children In Crisis", which raises money to aide children in need, such as infants and children in homeless shelters. She also volunteers in her time to the ICS Organization. (Infant Crisis Service)

Tawnie Goodwin --
Stilwell, Oklahoma
Education: Northeastern State University—senior—Bachelor of Sciences, Dietetics Stilwell High School
Platform Issue: Food Fighting: Small Steps Climb Mountains
Scholastic/Career Ambition: Obtain a Doctorate of Sciences
Talent: Piano/ “Pour Le Piano (Prelude)”
Scholastic Honors: President’s Leadership Class Member; Dean’s Honor Role (1X); President’s Honor Role (3X); Graduated with honors from Stilwell High School.
Leadership Roles: President’s Leadership Class Philanthropy Co-Chairman; Northeastern Student Government Association Director of Student Affairs; Blood: Water Mission Coordinator (X 2); Food Nutrition and Dietetics Club member; Northeastern State University (NSU) Student Foundation Member; Founder’s Day 5K Co-Coordinator; Nearly Naked Mile Co-Coordinator.
Accomplishments: Top Ten Finalist Outstanding Freshman at NSU; Raised over $1,700 for the Blood: Water Missions; Rookie Talent Award at Miss Oklahoma; 2008 Strawberry Festival Queen (and Miss Congeniality); Miss Northeastern State University 2011; Fastpitch Softball Pitcher of the Year at Stilwell High School.
Interesting Facts: I can moon walk; I completed twenty-one college credits before entering college; I traveled to Italy this past summer.
Employment: My parent’s ranch; unpaid Leadership Internship for the Student Activities office at Northeastern State University; Northeastern State University Fitness Center.
How has the world you come from shaped your dreams and aspirations? The importance of responsibility and a hard day’s work were impressed upon me since childhood. Caring for livestock taught me that their needs should always be placed above my own, just as the needs of others are more pertinent than mine. It was impressed upon me that I was very fortunate to have been born an American. I have a responsibility to be a good and decent person and accomplish much with my life. Being surrounded by inspiring people has made me want to be a person who makes others want to be better. I have a duty to the people that love me, to my country, and to those who have less than I do. My family always encouraged me to fly free, think free and live my life to the fullest. Everything I am, my dreams and aspirations, are a result of where I come from.
Of all the ways you could succeed in life, why have you chosen to succeed in the Miss America Pageant? Miss America symbolizes a career driven woman of poise and integrity, with a desire to transform the world around her. She is a guidepost and a model for many young people. Along with my dietetics degree I plan to minor in Leadership Communication because it is important to me that my voice be heard. The Miss America Organization is one more way I can facilitate steps to improve the lives of those in my state while achieving my personal goal of receiving a good education. I am so grateful to be a part of an organization that coincides with my passions and beliefs so firmly.
What social issue, other than your platform will have the greatest impact on your generation and why? Innovative technology to combat America’s resource reliance along with recent happenings in the oil industry make a clear statement that energy efficiency is one of the most pressing if not the pinnacle issue to come to terms with today. Our nation consumes more a quarter of the world’s oil. In the next few years I anticipate efforts to go green will affect Americans in everything from job security to daily life task such as lighting in homes. It is no wonder the Miss America Organization along with celebrities such as Steve Nash, and politicians like Al Gore, have taken it upon themselves to reduce America’s carbon footprint and help guide our nation into a safer, more efficient environment.

Tawnie Goodwin's Working Platform:

Food Fighting: Small Steps Climb Mountains

Two-thirds of the American population is overweight or obese. Oklahoma itself ranks sixth in national obesity statistics. This problem is so serious that First Lady Michelle Obama chose to confront the issue head on with her Let’s Move campaign. Many consider obesity to be our nation’s greatest health issue ever.
Food Fighting: Small Steps Climb Mountains is my personal project intended to focus on the general health and well-being of Americans. I want to provide all Oklahomans with the tools to make healthy lifestyle choices, specifically by encouraging them to make small changes in their eating habits. These incremental changes will eventually lead Oklahomans to achieving their long-term goals of a healthy lifestyle.
The best way to promote a healthy lifestyle agenda is to lead by example. I am a member of the Food, Nutrition, and Dietetics Club, an organization that reaches out to help students make sensible and healthful lifestyle choices. As a freshman I brought the Blood: Water Mission to Northeastern State University. Blood: Water Mission is an organization which raises money to help fight AIDS and poor sanitation. Our group gained revenue by encouraging students and adults alike to give up soda pop for two weeks and, in its place, substitute water. I organized numerous events of all types and, with the help of my fellow students, raised over $1,700 to date. This venture helped supply our friends in Africa with clean drinking water and better sanitation.
The youth of Oklahoma encompass the majority of my focus. I strongly believe that children are our future and in order to ensure their success—our success as a nation—we must give them the tools to lead healthful lives. As Miss Northeastern State University it has been my priority to inform children about proper nutrition and the effect negative nutrition is leaving upon the American society. I have spoken to hundreds of students at five different school systems; however, I am not finished promoting my passion. I want to continue my public speaking activities.
Being Miss Collinsville would give me far greater networking power to fulfill my goals and would allocate means for me to promote my platform to a broader spectrum of audiences. Additionally, the Miss America Organization is the perfect one to promote this platform. The young women who compete are clearly the best and the brightest. They are all very good examples of healthy lifestyle choices.
I realize that combating our nation’s nutrition deficit is not a particularly glamorous or catchy platform, but we are blessed to live in the greatest country on earth and with that blessing comes responsibility. It is vitally important that we strive for and value healthy minds and bodies. Millions of people throughout the world depend on us. We must be strong of mind and body ourselves, before we can hope to improve the quality of life of others.


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