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Collinsville Downtown Inc.
Aug. 29, 2003
"The Little Town That Could"
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By Deborah Berry, Program Director
Collinsville Downtown, Inc.

Having a Vision of What Could Be
Have you ever traveled to one of those beautiful historic, got-it-together communities in the South, Southwest, Northeast, Northwest…? You look at the historical buildings that line the streets and house the fanciful specialty shops all tourists love to frequent? Did you ever stop to wonder why we couldn't do that same thing here? Well, the supporters of the Main Street™ program believe that could happen. I mean, after all, we have great old buildings, wonderful businesses, "the best antiques at the best prices", and a small-town lifestyle that reflects the American dream. So what is it that we have to do?

Make a Plan
Where are we going to find a plan that will teach us how to do that? Over two decades ago, the National Trust began an experiment (turned doctrine), with small towns and large cities across America. Furthermore, these communities must adhere to the ideology of preservation as a guideline for building restoration by developing a non-profit organization to operate in a way that can cover four different points of focus. Sound hard? At first it really is. ODOC's Main Street™ Program is charged with the responsibility of selecting small town business districts to teach that tried-and-true methodology. It is then tailored by local Main Street organizations to meet specific needs of individual communities. As with any non-profit organization we have rules, bylaws, meetings, planning sessions, volunteers, bills, you get the picture.
Collinsville is beginning its fourth year as a Main Street community. (Whew!) In the beginning our plan was small, but then it grew. We have outgrown our original plans. More projects, larger events and success meant growth. Growth now means bigger plans. Bigger plans mean more funding and work. More funding and work means more members and volunteers. You see where this is taking us? Success breeds success. Success in Main Street™ involves all kinds of citizens working to accomplish a common goal. Research, experience, and 'good ole' democratic processes are all used to determine the organizations work plans.

Implementation or "How Do We Get There"
This Is Where You Come In. Volunteer opportunities have exploded. There is so much to do. Do you enjoy working in a fun environment with others? Are you a leader with a need to be a part of the decision process? Perhaps you are a supporter of preservation and Collinsville with little time but would like to contribute through organizational membership. We have memberships that can be tailored to you. Revitalization of Collinsville can happen faster, better and bigger with quality volunteers like you. Find out how you can become more actively involved in Collinsville's revitalization process, call 371-5530.

The first three years of Collinsville Downtown, Inc. has been provided by generous contributors and volunteers.

Members, Volunteers, Leaders Needed!
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