Friends of The Collinsville Animal Shelter (F.O.C.A.S)

The New Facility Will Be Located On the N.W. Corner of 156th St. North and 129th E. Ave

12851 E. 156th St .N
Collinsville, OK 74021

Friends Of The Collinsville Animal Shelter

F.O.C.A.S. Officers:

Marlene Spicer (President)

Matt Babbitt
(Vice President)

Donna Alcorn (Treasurer)

Marie Johnson (Secretary)

Susan Babbitt
918 630-8832

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Collinsville, Oklahoma

More About Collinsville, OK

Your help is needed to make Collinsville's new animal shelter a reality. Please volunteer or provide donations to F.O.C.A.S.
The old Collinsville Animal Shelter has served its time and needs to be replaced. This organization has applied for tax exempt status and not only plans to help get the new shelter built, but plans to provide volunteers to help staff the new facility after it opens.
If you need animal control assistance call the Collinsville Police Department at 371-1000 (non-emergency) or 911 (emergency).

October 2, 2005


The officers and members of Friends of the Collinsville Animal Shelter invite you, your family, co-workers, and friends to join us for a party for you and your pets.

FOCAS has been working for the past year and a half on plans to provide a building for our lost and abandoned pets. Our goal is becoming very achievable. We have drawings for a 40x40 building and two acres provided by the City of Collinsville. The concrete for the foundation and the labor to build the building will be donated. We need to raise $20,000 for the steel for construction, inside walls, plumbing, etc.

So you say, "What is a pet party?" Sunday afternoon, October 2, 2005 at the Veterans Building in Collinsville we are rolling out the red carpet for you and your pets. We will have activities like a Dog Bone Walk, Find the Catnip, Musical Fire Hydrants, and show us your pet's best trick. There will be a craft table where you can make toys for your pet, photos with your pet, groomers clipping pet nails and ASK the Vet Panel, face painting,
fingerprinting for children, paw prints for animals and emergency vehicles on display. We have even asked a pet communicator to join us---not sure yet is she will be available that day. Pepper The Paper Retriever and the Collinsville Cardinal will greet our guests. Activities free of charge except: photos $3, nail clipping $5, pet communicator-not sure yet.

At 2:30 Al Inglima will conduct a fun auction for FOCAS. To date we have TU Football Tickets, Two tickets to May's production of The Lion King, life-size carousel pony, wing back chair with horse motif, hand-made pet throws, an electric scooter, 7Ply Sk8Board, CV afghans, and baskets of stuffed animals. We have requested signed items from many celebrities. So far we have items from Wes Studi, Jimmy Houston, Roy Clark, Christian Slater, and Broadway posters signed by the cast---Carol Channing, Cathy Rigby, Barbara Eden, and many more to come.

Pet Palooza Party 1:30 Concessions Auction 2:30
$5 per family which includes one pet goodie bag (extra bags $3)
Goodie bags for the first 150 are a great black canvas bag filled with pet goodies. We will have some type of goodie bags for each family. We are looking for another great bag.

**We need your support to make this work. Please help us spread the word, donate items for our auction, help with one of the booths, and most of all attend and bring friends.**

10% of our profits will help pets displaced by Hurricane Katrina.
Pets must be current on rabies vaccinations and on a leash or in a crate.
Auction updates: and The Collinsville News

Bass Pro Gift Certificate Drawing
Family and friends,
Just in case you have an extra dollar or so...maybe you would like to enter The Friends of the Collinsville Animal Shelter drawing for a $200 gift certificate to Bass Pro Shop. You do not need to be present to win and we will be happy to mail it to you.

What do the Bass Pro Shops and the Collinsville Animal Shelter have in common?

Let me tell you…it is a great tale ….

$1 will enter you in the FOCAL drawing for a $200.00 gift certificate from the Bass Pro Shop

(the certificate is good at any Bass Pro Shop) and the proceeds will benefit the Collinsville Animal Shelter.

The drawing will be held at The Collinsville Police Department on December 21st at High Noon!

You do not need to be present to win. We will be happy to call you and mail your certificate.

The Friends of the Collinsville Animal Shelter are in the process of raising funds to build an animal shelter. We are nearing our goal but still need at least $10,000. Our shelter will be low kill and provide many benefits for our lost and abused animals. This is a community effort and we thank you for your support.

FOCAS would love for you and your pets to join us on Dec. 10th for the CV Parade. All animals and owners meet at CV Library 13th and Main at 10:00 a. m.

Friends of the Collinsville Animal Shelter

c/o Donna Alcorn

P.O. Box 124 Collinsville, OK 74021

Contact: Dr. Susan Babbitt 918 630-8832


Friends of CV Animal Shelter

NAME __________________

PHONE _________________

Drawing December 21st NOON at CV Police Station

Winner Announced
We are planning the ground breaking ceremony for the Collinsville Animal Shelter on April 21st at 10:30. Location of the new shelter: 129th E. Ave and 156th St. N. This is a big day for Collinsville and we hope all can attend. More details as soon as we have them. --Susan Babbitt 4-3-2006
April 1, 2006 Collinsville Dining Supported The Collinsville Animal Shelter
Help Support The Animal Shelter June 21, 2007
Summer Solstice Party
(click for more info)
You celebrate 1am-midnight where ever you wish ... send $25 to FOCAS for more information and to help get the new Collinsville (No-Kill) animal shelter in operation.
Inching closer to completion! -- In a build as money is available mode ... the new Collinsville Animal Shelter now has a nearly completed shell but plenty of interior work to be done. More money and volunteers are required to finish construction and then operate the facility.
Frame-in started July 14, 2007 at the new Animal Shelter.
Coming Events: Tuursday Sept 6 (5-8pm Chick-Fill-A Owasso) 20% of meals to Collinsville Animal Shelter
Sunday Oct. 7 -- Pet Palooza #2
(1-5pm at Veterans Building)
The Friends of the Collinsville Animal Shelter
"You Name it Gate - Grill Campaign"

The Friends of the Collinsville Animal Shelter announce the opportunity for you to help with one of the most important parts of the shelter ... the kennel runs. The runs have been built out of cement blocks, drains have been installed, and protective coating applied. Here is where we can use your help.

We need a gate and a grill for each run. We are purchasing a sturdy, durable gate and drain grill so we will not have to be repairing or replacing every time we turn around. With your purchase of a gate-grill for $687.00 you will be making it possible to finish one of our largest animal shelter projects. We need 14 gate-grill combinations.

Donate the Gate-Grill and Name the Run
You tell us the name you want us to use for the run. The name you select will be used many times a day as we say, "Put this sweet Jack Russell in the Smith Run, or Spot's new family is here, he is in the Wolfie Run, or use the Rotary Run for these cute kittens."

We need these now, of course. Talk with your organizations, pull the family together to purchase one, or buy one in memory of a beloved pet.

FOCAS has their 501 c 3 tax status. If you would like to be a part of this project send your donation of $687.00 to:
FOCAS P.O. Box 795 Collinsville, OK 74021.

Feel free to purchase more than one!
I appreciate each of you for reading this, smiling, and then making your decision.
Call for more information: Susan 918-630-8832 (August 2007)

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