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May 10, 2019 (Online June 11th)
Soccer Alumni Games
Fun Games For
Young & "Old"
Back On Sallee Field
5/10/2019 Alumi Soccer (Photos Tweet) (Girls Var-Alum)
2019 Alumni Girls (with some help from the guys for a complete roster)
2019 Alumni Boys
Varsity (red) & Alumni Girls
Varsity (closest to camera) & Alumni Boys
How many years until we graduate?

Alumni Game Invite --
The Collinsville High School Soccer Boys and Girls Teams would like to invite all the former CHS Soccer Players for our Annual Soccer Alumni Game which is Friday May 10th at Sallee Field. Game times are 6pm for women, and 7:15pm for Men. If there are any questions please contact Coach Schubert at

-- Thanks! Coach Schubert (4/25/2019)

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5/20/2019 Patty Contreras All-State Soccer (Tweet)
*Congratulations to Patty Contreras for making All-State in Girls Soccer.

*Congratulations to Coach Justin Schubert for being selected as coach of the All-State Soccer Game.

Cardinal Activities May 20-25 (from Brad Cantrell 5/20/2019)

2019 Soccer Senior Girls at Soccer Banquet -- Jamie Fritz Photo

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