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February 25, 2019
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S.O.S. Students Raising Funds For Safety / Choir Solos / Old Burnside Sign / Dossett Report
Collinsville Choir -- 2/23/2019
Congratulations to all choir members who sung today! We are so proud of your hard work and you make our choir better because of that work!

The ratings are as follows Superior-I, Excellent-II, Good-III
High School Students that earn a Superior rating move on to compete at the state level.

High School
Trio I
Mixed I
Joey Ellis I
Evan Goforth I
Madalyn Aunko I
Thati Xiong I
Jeff Taylor I
Noah Barrett I
Luke Dean I
Logan Chevalier I
Payton Stacy II
Steven Burger II
Hunter Sunday II
Ian Moore II
Alora Calkins II
Beau Walts II
Emma Harlan II
Aiden Moody II
Hailey Logsdon III
Middle School
Mixed Ensemble I
Paige Downey I
Jocelyn Ditsch I
Emma Humphries I
Payton Stephens I
Levi Ashlock I
Autumn Humphry I
Jasmine Ramos I
Olivia Taylor I
Hayley Monkress I
Natalie Ingram II
Ian Enyart II
Maria McKenzie III
Makayla Meadows CO
Collinsville High School Student Council will be hosting an S.O.S Week, Service Over Self Week. It will be our Philanthropy week and we will be hosting fundraisers throughout the week. All of the money that we receive will be going to better security and safety throughout our schools. Any event you attend will help the kids of our community be safer in school.

3 VS 3 Basketball Tournament- on Thursday, February 28th we will be having a 3v3 Basketball Tournament. Anyone in the community that can make a team of 3 can enter. It is $5 a person ($15 a team), and sign ups are due Tuesday, February 26th. Text (660) 541-4988 to sign up. The tournament will be held at Collinsville High School in the Main Gym and the games start at 6:00 pm.

Yoga Night- on Monday, February 18th we will be hosting a Yoga Night. Anyone in the community can attend and there will be no fee to participate, but donations are greatly accepted to help the cause. A certified yoga instructor will be leading us. Please bring your own mat or towel, and water will be provided. Yoga Night will be held at Collinsville High School Practice Gym from 6:00pm-7:00pm.

Bucket Donations- from February 25th through February 28th we will be at the CUE, Herald, and the 6th Grade Center in Collinsville each morning. Students will be stationed at the drop off lines with buckets asking for donations of any amount from parents and students.

McDonald’s Pancake Night- on Monday, February 25th from 5pm to 7pm there will be a McDonald’s all you can eat Pancake Night. The tickets for this event are $5 and can be purchased from any Collinsville High School student in the Leadership Class. With that ticket, there is all you can eat pancakes and your choice of one side of sausage.

-- Paris Hamilton 2/12/2019 (CHS STUCO)

Old "Burnside & Heinrichs" Sign Retuns To Silver Dollar Cafe
Lavieta Rich Rauh found a piece of historic Collinsville in a Choteau antique store and with the help of Angela Cates Breeding it has been brought back to it's "home". The building on the northeast corner of 11th and Main in Collinsville is now the SIlver Dollar Cafe but from the childhood memories of these ladies it was the Burnside & Heindrich hardware store. It was originally the Lee & Burnside hardware store. See Lisa Jones' video coverage of the story below.
Burnside & Heinrichs Sign -- KJRH (Lisa Jones)

Oklahoma State Senate -- Communications Division

State Capitol -- Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73105

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – February 22, 2019

Senate Review by Senator J.J. Dossett

With three weeks of the session behind us now, we’re still extremely busy with committee work ahead of the February 28th deadline. We’re also getting to the point in the session where we’re seeing more bills coming to the floor of the Senate for votes.

One of the things I’ve talked about since I first came to the Senate is the need to let teachers teach. Far too often, the state and federal government have decided they know far better than the men and women who have devoted their lives to education. I really believe the intentions were good—but the unintended consequences have tied up teachers with burdensome testing, mandatory reports and paperwork that keep them from doing the job they were hired to do—to teach their students and prepare them for life by giving them a quality education. It’s frustrating for educators, and just as importantly, it takes away from quality instructional time that our children need and deserve.

This past week we chipped away at one of those mandates. We had a law on the books here in Oklahoma that required teachers to fill out reports to parents tracking all the physical activities students were involved in at school. Again, I believe it was well intentioned. Childhood obesity, diabetes and other health concerns are legitimate issues and we need to encourage kids to exercise. But requiring teachers to fill out all these reports simply takes away time that could be better spent on teaching. This law hasn’t made one child healthier, and many schools have simply been ignoring it altogether.

This session I introduced legislation to repeal this unnecessary and burdensome requirement. On Wednesday, my legislation, Senate Bill 36, won unanimous approval by the full Senate. Now the bill crosses over to the House side. I’m hopeful they will move quickly in joining us in repealing this law.

I still say if we are truly concerned about the quality of education our children receive, one of the best things we can do is work to restore the funding cuts our schools have endured in recent years. Yes, we did pass a pay raise last year—but there is more to be done. Our schools need modern textbooks and they need to have enough for students to actually be able to take them home to study and do homework. We need more technology in the classroom. The list goes on and on.

There have been several voucher bills moving through the Legislature this year that would basically use public dollars to help with the cost of a private school education. I would argue if we were fully funding our schools as we should be, they could address those needs and more. We must restore the education funding cuts from the last 10 years before we even begin to consider programs that would pull dollars out of our traditional public school systems.

These voucher programs will further erode the resources our public schools have—resources that are already inadequate. Until the day comes when we really are providing schools with the full funding they need for the classroom, teachers and support staff, I will continue to oppose any proposal that takes away public dollars from our public schools and the children who depend on them.

I welcome your comments on state government and the issues before us. Please feel free to contact me by writing to Senator J.J. Dossett at the State Capitol, Room 521-A, Oklahoma City, OK, 73105; call me at (405) 521-5566.


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