Collinsville, Oklahoma
September 5, 2018
4-H Visits Safari Park
Sperry 4-H Visits Safari Zoological Park in Caney, KS
*note - Collinsville does not have a 4H program so several students from Collinsville have joined Sperry 4H.

The Sperry 4-H Chapter visited the animals at the Safari Zoological Park in Caney. While they were there they go an in-depth look at the animals that live there. They got to go inside the habitats of some of the animals. They got to pet and hold some of the animals such as a kangaroo, banana snake, blue tongue lizard, and a Lamar monkey.

“One of my favorite things I saw was when the guide was interacting with the bear. The guide put a cookie in his mouth and stood close to the fence and bear took the cookie out of the guides mouth with his mouth”, said Chapter President Simon Teel (Sperry student). Chapter Vice President, Miranda Ware (Collinsville student) stated, “I personally had an amazing time, we got to get one on one up close and personal tour with so many different types of animals that you would never get a chance in life to do. We got to hold and touch a lot of the wild life.” They cooked out and the owners opened their personal pool to the chapter to go swimming.

The Chapter raised the money to attend this outing by having a car wash and bake sale at Tractor Supply. During their trip they got to see the male camel have surgery on his jaw due to an accident that happen earlier that day. They later learned that the camel did not make it and died sometime after they had left the park. A GoFundMe account has been set up to purchase another male camel.

Jennifer Teel wrote the article

(submitted by Memori Robbins 9/5/2018)

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