Collinsville, Oklahoma
August 22, 2018
Miscellaneous School News
Classes Started August 16th
& Other Start of School Activities
2018-19 Principals (L-R): Dale Harp (MS), Kurt Boomer (HS asst.), Scott Kiker (HS), Chris Bilyeu (Wilson 6th/Alt), Cheryl Hunt (Herald), Ashley Boomer (RCC), Jennipher Keim (HS asst.), and Arlin Stacy (CUE).
It is hard to keep it a secret when it is written in big letters on the gym floor, but the celebration of naming the HS gym court in honor of our legendary girl's coach, Howard Ray, is being planned for later on during basketball season. -- Tweet
Lance West accepted a $2,000 check from TTCU for Collinsville Schools as part of the credit union's "school pride" program.
Teachers gathered at the high school August 13th after their summer break and were welcomed by Superintendent Lance West. Bart Schultheiss, President of the Collinsville Education Foundation, remined teachers of the role of the CEF and the Sept. 14 grant application deadline
All of the teachers gathered briefly at the high school Monday August 13th before returning to their campuses for a professional day.
The Collinsvile Chamber of Commerce office was a flurry of activity the morning of August 14th to sort out and then deliver breakfast snacks to the teachers at each of the campuses on their 2nd professional day.
Find your locker, find your teacher ... at Meet The Teacher Night -- August 14th
Students arrived for the first day of classes August 16th.
Brad Cantrell (left) has taken over as Athletic Director for the retired Jim Riley (right).
The "senior wing" at the high school has swapped out seldom used locker for benches and stand-up table tops.
New classrooms will be added on the south end of the "Freshman Center" at the high school as part of the construction that willbe on-going this school year. New classrooms are also being built at the upper elementary (CUE).
Dirt work going on near the softball field at the high school starting earlier this summer appears to be related to the housing project (by the Sallee family) that will be adjacent to the school's project for a new band room and FFA facility in the same general area.
Dirt work will soon commence for the new band room just east of the high school main parking lot.
It's more of a "last year" thing, but students don't get their previous year book until the new school starts (as they are completed & printed over the summer). Ashley and many other 2018 seniors are starting their freshman year at college while I just now enjoy their "Senior Quotes" -- Ted

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