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August 10, 2018
FFA Summer News
Collinsville FFA Chapter Newsletter
Collinsville FFA Chapter Newsletter
July- August 2018

Tri-County Fair

Interested in the Tri-County Fair? We are always looking for volunteers to assist us in setting up pens for show animals, cleaning up, and other simple tasks for the duration of the fair. The Tri-County Fair dates are August 23rd through the 25th. We appreciate all the help we can get for the duration of this fair!

Tulsa County Free Fair

Want to show in the Tulsa Free Fair with your animal? If you want to show livestock, August 24th is the day! Poultry and rabbits show on July 6th. You can find the rule book and entry form for this fair at . Mrs. Hamlin, our Chapter's FFA Advisor, will need all entries by July 20th for livestock and July 6th for poultry and rabbits. You may also send them directly to the Extension Office by those dates!

S.A.E. Requirement
Members, don't forget that every member is required to have an S.A.E.! It can be as simple as volunteering at an animal shelter to raising chickens and selling the eggs. If all of our members do not have an S.A.E., our Chapter will not be eligible for some awards! You can start your S.A.E. at any time. To set up a new S.A.E. or document finances, journal entries, or expenses for an existing S.A.E., visit

State Fairs

ATTENTION ALL FFA MEMBERS!!! Be ready to hit the ground running for the state fairs coming up! The Oklahoma State Fairs begin in September, meaning we must get busy in August! If you have indoor entries like grain boxes, grass bundles, wreaths, or other similar projects, and complete them by the middle of September, (official date will be determined and posted) they can be entered into the Oklahoma State Fair in Oklahoma City, upon completion of this fair, they will go directly to the Tulsa State Fair. If you are interested in doing any projects for these fairs, there are multiple easy things to choose from! These projects can include landscape drawings, grain boxes and grass bundles that you can start on now! If needed, we can set up a day at our Chapter's Agriculture Education Building if several members would like to work on their fair entries together as a group. We would love to see our Chapter enter in an educational booth this year! For any additional information, go to and

Agriscience Fair

Last year, in addition to our spring contest, there was an Agriscience Fair opportunity in the fall. This is a wonderful way for members to become involved and learn about things that interest them!


The Oklahoma State Fair hosted a Skillathon last year, we would love to see members compete again this year! If interested, please inform Mrs. Hamlin so we can start preparing!

Officer Retreat

The Collinsville FFA Officer Retreat of this year was a success! On July 25th, our Officers participated in a number of team building activities. They first made a trip to the store with a time limit of 15 minutes and a budget of $20.00, they were instructed to collect plenty of ingredients to prepare a full breakfast. After making a complete breakfast of pancakes from scratch, eggs and bacon, they were on their way to the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma to volunteer their time. There they sorted, weighed and bagged potatoes. After the job was done, they were guided on a short tour of the food bank. Later, the team participated in a few more team building events, before the grand finale, an Escape Room at the Laser Quest Game Arena in Tulsa. Our Officers had a great time on this retreat, and they definitely learned how to work as a team.

Further Announcements

Any incoming Freshman that are interested in the Greenhand Quiz or Quiz Bowl please let Mrs. Hamlin know! The earlier you begin to prepare, the better!

Photos of the Month

-"Officer Retreat 2018 Breakfast": From left to right: Bailee Nunes (Vice President), Caysi Meyer (Reporter), Julie Branen (President), Ashley Porter (Historian), McKena Lewis (Treasurer), Justin Branen (Sentinel), Dalton Porter (Chaplain), Laney Branen (Secretary) and Beaudree Walts (Parliamentarian).

"Weighing/Bagging Potatoes at the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma": From left to right: Bailee Nunes (Vice President), Laney Branen (Secretary) and Dalton Porter (Chaplain).

-"Fighting Hunger":

Back row, from left to right: Beaudree Walts (Parliamentarian), Dalton Porter (Chaplain) and Justin Branen (Sentinel).

Front row, from left to right: Bailee Nunes (Vice President), Ashley Porter (Historian), Julie Branen (President), McKena Lewis (Treasurer), Caysi Meyer (Reporter) and Laney Branen (Secretary).

-"Human Knot": From left to right: Ashley Porter (Historian), Bailee Nunes (Vice President), Beaudree Walts (Parliamentarian), Laney Branen (Secretary), McKena Lewis (Treasurer), Julie Branen (President), Caysi Meyer, Collinsville FFA Reporter

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