Collinsville, Oklahoma
March-April, 2018
Education Funding Crisis
Teacher Walkout Began April 2nd & Ended April 11th
(8 Days Total)
Note: I plan to use this page as a running account of the Collinsville Teacher Walkout -- Ted
(Check back for updates later)
Updated portion school calendar (after 8 day walkout) -- 4/11/2018

Collinsville Schools will resume Thursday April 12 and also Friday April 13th (and other Fridays) ... (May 24th remains last day of class)
No school Wednesday, April 11th. A decision will be made early tomorrow regarding Thursday. -- per School Messenger 4/10/2018
No school on Tuesday, April 10th, due to the walk-out. As of today, no decision has been made regarding Wednesday, April 11th. -- per School Messenger 4/9/2018

For Immediate Release: April 6, 2018


Office of the President Pro Tempore

Senator Mike Schulz


Oklahoma Senate passes revenue measures to fund education

OKLAHOMA CITY – The Oklahoma Senate on Friday approved measures that will send millions of new dollars into Oklahoma classrooms.

The Senate gave approval to HB 1019xx, a bill that requires online marketplaces like Amazon to collect and remit sales tax to Oklahoma or comply with the state’s notification requirements. The Oklahoma Tax Commission estimates the bill will generate $20.5 million annually.

“The Oklahoma Senate has shown repeatedly its commitment to students and teachers first by passing the largest teacher pay raise in state history and now by approving measures providing millions of dollars in new funding for Oklahoma classrooms,” said Senate President Pro Tempore Mike Schulz, R-Altus.

The Oklahoma Senate last week approved a teacher pay raise bill, giving Oklahoma teachers a $6,100 pay raise on average. The pay raise bill already has been signed into law. To fund the teacher pay raises and provide millions of dollars in funding for textbooks and teacher health care benefits, the Senate also gave approval to revenue measures generating $530 million in new, recurring revenue to fully and perpetually fund the raises and increased education spending.

“Increasing average teacher pay in Oklahoma to the second-highest in our region and putting more dollars into the classroom will help us retain and recruit quality, professional educators to help our students and our state succeed. As we move forward, the Senate stands committed to considering additional ways to put more dollars into our classrooms, as wells as reforms that best serve students, parents and teachers,” Schulz said.

The Senate on Friday also gave approval to HB 3375, the so-called “ball and dice” gaming bill. For the current fiscal year, the Oklahoma Tax Commission cannot certify revenue generated by this bill. The Office of Management and Enterprise Services, the state’s gaming compliance agency, anticipates the measure will bring new revenue into the state.

Last week, the Oklahoma Senate approved the FY’19 education budget bill, only the second time the April 1 “Fund Education First” deadline has been met by the Legislature. The education budget, which has been signed into law, allocates more than $2.9 billion to Oklahoma schools, a 19 percent increase from the previous year.



Contact: Aaron Cooper, or (405) 521-5565


Note School Calendar Change: Former Friday "unused" snow days are now attendance days due to recent walkouts: April 13, 20, 27
Please Help Fund Our Schools For Our Kids -- Collinsville the time is now! Parents/Students/Teachers/Support Staff please bring your signs to a show of support tomorrow at American Bank and near Collinsville High School (Wednesday April 4th) from 7:15-9am and from 4:30-6pm. -- See you tomorrow -- Stacey Dutton 4/3/2018 (& 4/4 Tweet)
Link sent by Gavin Rose: KTUL - Moonlighting Teachers 4/3/2018
(Owasso Reporter 3/30)
‘Those who think teachers are being selfish for not accepting this pay raise, think again’ -- Ali Ryder Facebook Post -- on 3/30/2018

Collinsville Teachers Rallied Here Wednesday ... Were At State Capitol Monday 4/2
School Also Cancelled Tuesday April 3rd

There are still many unknowns relating to a potential teacher's walk out likely to start April 2 ... but a few things are known:
* days missed will be made up
* juniors will still take the ACT test together April 3rd
* CHS prom will still be April 7th at the Zoo
* CHS graduation will still be May 21st at TU
* Concurrent college courses will continue on their own schedule and Tulsa Tech transportation will still be provided
( much uncertainty remains on state testing and athletic and musical events)
(Collinsville schools will release additional information as it becomes available)
-- Ted Wright 3/15/2018
The Collinsville Board of Education voted on March 12, 2018, to allow Superintendent West to close school for up to 8 days during the teacher walk-out. If the teacher walk-out continues beyond 8 days, the Collinsville School Board will reconvene to make a recommendation at that time.
State Department of Education Guidance
Contact Your State Legislator
Additional Collinsville Teacher Walkout Q&A Information (pdf) 3/15/2018
School Day Added --
"The Struggle Of Teaching" - Documentary by Gavin Rose -- 3/13/2018
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