Collinsville, Oklahoma
October 6, 2017
CHS Football -vs- Hale
2017 Varsity Football Cardinals Shutout Tulsa Nathan Hale 66-0
These cheer flips look graceful at full speed ... but strangely ackward when stopped mid-flight.
The Cardinal cheerleaders barely has their feet back on the ground before Brayden Burd (#22) had run back the opening kickoff (~80 yards) to put Collinsville on the scoreboard at 11:49 of the 1st quarter.
Seth Weiser (#6) had plenty of opportunities for kickoffs Friday night. While I enjoyed a big win for the hard working Collinsville kids... it is always sad to see the Tulsa Public School kids (also hard working) with a typical lack of fans in the stands. I counted about 33 people in the stands on the home side just prior to the opening kickoff. -- Ted Wright -- (also see Tulsa World on that topic)
Senior Carson Stout (#2) had his first start as the varsity quarterback and played the first three quarter with sophomore Colton Allphen (#1) finishing out the fourth quarter. Tate Robards and Cole Dugger were not suited up Friday.
Carson Stout (#2) scored on a 1 yard keeper (with Malcom Tillman #24 gaining most of the yards in the drive). That brought the score to 14-0 with 7:08 left in the first quarter.
Brayden Burd (#22) has this Hale back stopped with six other Cardinals ready to assist if needed.
Nathan Hale's inability to consistantly get the shotgun snap into their quarterback's hands (instead of over his head) led to a Collinsville touchdown on this play (with Carter Lowe #25 winning the race to the loose ball in the endzone at 6:49 1st quarter) and two safeties later ... as well as ruining Hale's field position most of the evening.
Tres Sexton (#59) blocked this Hale punt straight up in the air then caught it and reached the 6 yard line to set up a short Cardinal touchdown (below).
Brayden Burd (#22) needed just 5 and 1 yard carries to score at 6:10 in the first quarter.bringing the score to 28-0 after the PAT. Another Hale "overhead" snap was batted out of the back of the endzone to bring the score to 30-0 with 4:22 still remaining in the first quarter.
Carson Stout (#2) gained yardage on this late first quarter drive.
Great job by both the offensive and defensive lines Friday at the ball field next to East Central HS in Tulsa.
Carson Stout (#2) completed pass to Talon Coulter (#7) down to the 16 yard line on the first play of the second quarter.
Malcom Tillman (#24) carried the ball into the endzone at 10:23 of the 2nd quarter and Ashton Jones' PAT made the score 37-0.
Hale connected on a long 2nd quarter pass in Collinsville territory but Colton Allphen (#1) knocked the ball loose, recovered and took off in the opposite direction (below).
Colton Allphen (#1) broke several tackles on the fumble return and eventually reached Hale's 20 yard line at the 10:01 mark of the second quarter.
Brayden Burd (#22) scored his third touchdown of the evening on this 11 yard run at 9:09 in the 2nd quarter. A Jones kick made the score 44-0.
Trey Eberle (#14) didn't score on this play but did reach the endzone a few plays later on a 4 yard run with 4 minutes left before half time and the score reached 51-0 after the PAT.
The Collinsville Crimson Cadet Band has added to and refined their "Wild" show each week and now are competing at Saturday contests in addition to their outstanding Friday evening performamces.
A Four-Cardinal tackle in the third quarter set up a short Hale punt (from the 8) which became Collinsville's ball at the 8 after Walker Roberts was fouled on the punt return. Brayden Burd scored his fourth TD from the 8 yard line at 7:27 in the 3rd quarter (58-0).
Colin Dooling (#82) recovered this Hale fumble at Collinsville's 39 with 3 minutes left in the 3rd quarter.
Hale gave up another 2 point (60-0) on yet another errant snap out the back of their endzone with 6:13 left in the game and Colton Allphen (#1 above) later scored from 24 yards out on a 4th down play. The extra point kick was low and the final 66-0 score was reach with 1)7 left in the game. Again I noticed the clock was allowed to run in a very short final quarter. -- Ted
This Hale hurdle attempt on the final kickoff return was handled by the Cardinal defenders.
Collinsville has tougher competition ahead on the schedule ... but it was their first district win ... and snaps a four game losing streak.

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2017 CHS Varsity Football
# Name Class Position
1 Colton Allphen So WR/DB
2 Carson Stout SR QB/DB
4 Dominic Ruff So WR/DB
5 Joao Ciciliano SR K
6 Seth Weiser JR RB/DB/K
7 Talon Coulter JR WR/DB
8 Tate Robards JR QB/OLB
9 Cale Hutchens JR WR/DB
10 Taylor Olinghouse So WR/DB
11 Vince Gregory JR WR/DB
12 Cole Dugger So QB/DB
14 Trey Eberle JR H/OLB
16 Nate Sinni SR QB/DE
18 Grayson Boomer JR TE/DE
20 Ashton Jones So K
21 Jake Tuttle JR RB/OLB
22 Brayden Burd So RB/ILB
23 Walker Roberts JR WR/DB
24 Malcom Tillman JR RB/DB
25 Carter Lowe JR RB/OLB
26 Zach Coday JR WR/DB
28 Caleb Mitchell So WR/DB
33 Hayden West SR WR/DB
35 Baylor Haynie JR WR/DB
36 Payton Russell SO RB/OLB
42 Kenlee Hall JR H/ILB
43 Trent Brown JR FB/ILB
44 Trevin Hodges So TE/ILB
46 Colby Shafer So WR/OLB
50 Tanner Erickson JR OL/NG
52 Hayden Knight JR OL/OLB
53 Nic Goldsmith JR TE/DE
54 Gage Wright JR OL/NG
55 Adam Carney JR OL/DE
58 Colbie Davis So OL/DE
59 Tres Sexton JR OL/DE
60 Karson Cole JR OL/DE
63 Cody Coughran JR OL/DE
64 Zach Robbins So OL/DE
65 Spencer Oslin SR OL/DE
66 Tanner Jones So OL/NG
68 Cameron Camp SR OL/NG
71 Zach Kitch So OL/NG
74 Caden Weathers SR OL/DE
75 Kobe Saunders So OL/DE
77 Isaac House So OL/NG
82 Colin Dooling SR WR/ILB
84 Gage Tacker So TE/OLB

Delaney Cottingim
Molly Sills
Dylan Dobbs
Gabe Stevens
Colten Erickson
Daniel Malon
Kevin Jones Head Coach / QBs
Adam Hass Offensive Coordinator / OL
Jon Benham Defensive Coordinator / OLBs
Damon Herald ILBs
Sean Tesar WRs
Ben Davis RBs
Tyler Chronister DBs
Bobby Sparks DEs
Tom Redding JrHi Head Coach
Jarrod Shearer JrHi Defensive Line
Tanner Robb JrHi LBs
Film Crew: John Hall
Athletic Director: Jim Riley
Assistant AD: Tony Reeder
MS Asstistant AD: Ben Davis
Superintendent: Lance West
HS Principal: Scott Kiker
HS Asst. Principal: Kurt Boomer
MS Principal: Dale Harp
HS Cheer Coach: Alicia Herald
HS Cheer Asst. Coach: Jessica Jeter
HS Cheer Asst. Coach: Nikki Vandiver
MS Cheer Coach: Jeannie Smalygo